A group describe Amaechi as most qualify to serve in any position:

I have never seen a leader as selfless as Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. This is a man that will empower you without giving you a template. Though he expects you to do well but he won’t be disturbing you. Amaechi doesn’t gossip or talk from behind, he’ll tell you his mind face to face any day anytime.

If like get your connection and allegiance from the North or West, without Amaechi, there will be no Rivers APC. When you are shut out of the sharing table, nobody will speak for you. By the grace of God, Amaechi is at the sharing table and that’s why he must be protected and projected.

Rotimi Amaechi

Do you know why Cat became a domestic animal and always cry Nwanyanwu Nwanyanwu Nwanyanwu? My father told me that Cat had a senior brother called Nwanyanwu who was very strong and courageous. Nobody dares to challenge the Cat family because of Nwanyanwu.

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One day Cat Said he wants to be the King of Animals. Nwanyanwu his elder brother advised him to calm down but Cat refused. Greed and ambition took over him. Cat started consulting and building alliances to be King. Nwanyanwu told Tortoise to advise Cat. Tortoise advised Cat as the Oldest Animal that the mission he was about to embark upon will not benefit the Cat Family but Cat rebuffed him and said he was too qualified to be King.



Cat went to Consult with Hyenas, Cheetahs, Leopards, Tigers, Bears, etc for support. They agreed to support him but gave him a condition. They told him to bring his senior brother Nwanyanwu for them to kill and that thereafter they will make him King. Cat agreed and led them to Nwanyanwu’s house at midnight. They overpowered Nwanyanwu’s security guards and killed Nwanyanwu.

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Seven Days later, Cat summoned all Animals including his allies and told them to make him King on the ground that he has fulfilled the condition. Tiger shouted at him and said we cannot trust you. Before he could say a word, Hyena gave him a painful bite and other animals followed in the beating of Mr. Cat. They chased Cat out from the Wild and warned him never to return to the Kingdom. Lion made a decree that whoever sees Cat should kill him because he committed Treason. At this point Nwanyanwu was already dead and there was nobody to defend Cat.

Cat ran to the Human Kingdom yet nobody could accept him. He saw a widow and begged her and the old Widower accepted Cat to be killing all the Rats in her house. That was how Cat came to live with humans. So every morning, Cat will always remember his senior brother and will be crying Nwanyanwu Nwanyanwu Nwanyanwu.

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is the Political Nwanyanwu of the South South….take it or leave it. He’s not perfect and may have offended you but if you look at what is going on in Nigerian Politics today, you must protect and defend your Nwanyanwu. Every Geopolitical zone has a Nwanyanwu that speaks for them at the National Table. If you conspire and bring down your Nwanyanwu, you will definitely regret it. If you believe that Amaechi is your Political Nwanyanwu, look at the bigger picture and stand by him. Nde Etche Shi ufor Ji for, ufor ala for. Nu Chikaaa.

Written by : Joshua Gentle

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