Just before you quit Blogging, this adsense screenshot from one of my blogs

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I started serious Blogging when I was a student of Nigerian Law School Abuja in 2017, and for one full year, I couldn’t earn up to $100.
Now, the story is different today for me and most of my friends. Any month I make $10,000 from my blogs, I feel sad.
Because I know someone making $45,000 monthly from Blogging, I feel inspired to do more.
This is to tell you that nothing good comes easy.
If you quit blogging because it’s hard and you’ve not made headway, who told you things won’t be hard where you’re going to??
Making money online or offline is generally hard. How can I make $100 a day?
Business is war, even scam is hard to do, let alone those of us that have chosen to hustle legit.
I encourage those wanting to give up to refire their zeal to succeed.
Let your zeal to succeed be greater than your fears for failure. If others can do it, you too can do it.
Seek knowledge from those who know better than you, continue to improve on that knowledge and never settle at any level. Highest CPC Keywords and Best
For your greatest obstacle to greater success is your already accomplished success.
Also, stop seeing blogging solely from the microscopic and myopic prisms of seo only.
There’s more to Blogging that can give you money.
Seo, though sweet and highly recommended, takes time and sweat and sadly, most new bloggers don’t have the luxury of patience.
And those who have the patience don’t have good knowledge. So they keep working and talking in the nonsense while wasting their time.
Expand your view and contacts within the industry by building bridges of valuable friendship.
There are many things I know today that I learnt from co bloggers including the Admin of this group.
And when you’re seeking knowledge or partnership or help, stop being all selfish about it.
Find ways to be valuable to the person you seek to tap from.
Nobody owes you anything, so don’t feel entitled to anything when you don’t even give anyone value.
Don’t quit, learn more, practice more, partner if you must, invest money in your blog if you can, fail at it and get up, it’s allowed!
Quit, you shouldn’t!
Win, you can!
Succeed, you must!
Your Friend,