In life …we ask why are many women not getting pregnant

There are many causes leading to infertility issues which one of them is ovulation issues

And that is why we decided to bring up this topic to discuss here tonight

Today we will talk on ovulation circles

To be frank with u…it is the effectiveness of how a woman see her ovulation that determine the pregnancy that will come
At times…prayers does not solve all issues..common wisdom is needed to apply so we can tackle all issues that may lead to Barreness. In life God has used me to treat many women looking for the fruit of the womb
I was able to see that 65% issues were caused by improper ovulation circle

Ovulation of a woman must always be active or else it will be difficult for a child to come and that is why we will be talking on ovulation circles


IT ALSO SHOWS the unsafe and safe periods so as to know wen to have sex or not

The question is the causes why many women can’t get pregnant..?

  • Infections
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • High prolatcin
  • Poor ovulation circle
  • Fibroid
  • Ovarian cyst
  • Hotness of the stomach
  •  PID diseases
  • Fallopian tube
  • Retroverted woman

This are most of the common case why many ladies cant get pregnant. We all can see that ovulation is part of it?

Another question is how do we calculate this ovulation circle so one can know when to get pregnant or not?

Calculating of the ovulation is very simple as Abc Despite that many women can still calculate it For example…lets do some.

Calculation of the ovulation circle

you see your ovulation on

The …..

2nd of April

How do u count it

Now you have to count 14 days from the first day u see your blood, That is you start from 3rd of April and count down to 14 days Which is

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3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
As we can see this is 14 days counted
The day counted was 16… Which is the 14 days
Now how do we bring out our main ovulation days here …this days are very easy for a woman to get pregnant

from what we counted…….

Which is

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

We have to count 3 backwards from 16 and 3
Frontward from 16

Now…how do we do these…to get our ovulation circle

We will count 3 backwards from 16 which is

*13* . *14* . *15*
And also count 3 frontward from 16

Which is

*17* . *18* . *19*
Now the total 7 days is

*13* . *14* . *15* . (16). *17* . *18* *19*

These days are your unsafe period to get pregnant for the singles
while for the married

…these days are the best day for u to have sex
For u to get pregnant
Are we getting it

Before I proceed
I will say something on menstrual circle here

So that u all will get me well

Menstrual cycle is the series of cyclical changes or rotation of changes that take place in a woman

Within an average space of 28 days in every month, all thin be equal.

The menstrual cycle is control by the anterior
Pituitary gland which is located in the brain

This menstrual cycle consists of three basic phase.

The first phase is mensuration phase.
Often from( 1st—-5th)

It called menstruation bleeding, menses or a period

The first day of the phase is called day one and it is characterized by the shedding of the endomentrial lining
Of the uterus

On this phase level of the oestrogen and progesterone are low

Pregnancy can not take place

I hope we are getting this
We have just said something on the first stage

Now the second stage

The second phase is called
proliferative phase
Started from( 6th—-13th)New follicles developing
And there is formation of new layer in the uterus
Oestrogens released
We are going there

During dis second phase
The inner lining of uterus is re forming….


We will.get there

Now the the third stage
Third phase called ovulation phase!

: Begins from 14th, it can be plus or minus 2

This may be within the middle of menstrual cycle

: That’s is day 14th plus or minus 2
Here the follicles, eggs or ovaries become very matured

This phase is the most important phase
Of all women
as we go further

Now Here the follicles, eggs or ovaries become very matured
As I was saying ,

leutinizing hormone will released to rupture the egg or follicles for sperm to fertilize the ruptured egg

*and Forth phase called*

secretory phase 15th —-28th
There is 7 days from this secretary phase,

15th to 21 fertilization can still take place
Hope am not going deed
Withing this period

Are time of pregnancy
If Oga touch u
Boom belle will enter

Now another question….
*What are the causes of low ovulation circle*
Infection is no 1 cause
Especially untreated infection
No 2…. Hormonal issues
Obesity or excess fat
No 4 stress


Early ovarian failure
Now…. The question is
What if I don’t see my ovulation well..what will happen
Aunty if you don’t see your ovulation well…

Is a big danger especially for the ones who don’t have a child

Because poor ovulation can make a woman barren completely unless God interven
So…..another question is

How do I know I am having a very good ovulation circle
Are.u getting


Good….before I proceed

…if u are a woman here and u are struggling to get pregnant here

….make sure u see me so we can help u for u to get pregnant

U will come here and testify

Chat me up

Every singles ladies…

listen to this advice👇👇👇👇👇👇

U need to always boast your ovulation to avoid story that touch the heart
Because if u don’t….it may affect you as a result of some hidden and wicked infection

That is why
Some women are crying to have babies
Common mistakes
So ……before I will give any remedy

There are some signs that shows u are seeing a healthy ovulation

No 1… Bad hadaeche
No 2…. Strong urge for sex
No 3… Ovulation becomes slippery
No 4.. Ovulation pain
No 5… Breast becomes tender
No 6 …Body temperature increases

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Remember having double period in a month is 100% bad
Nothing like is my own nature
And finally

As a entrepreneur (Health care Lover)
Wat is the help
We don’t give out all our secret…I will only give u 50 or 60% of my secret…m
But I will give u just one thing u will do to boast your ovulation
U will use just okro


Home remedy to boast your ovulation

Get like 5 okro…….

Slice it into pieces….

Put in to a Big Eva ragolis water and allow to soak for 3 days
Then remove the okro

Or sieve it
Then take that water for morning and night for one week
But if u want the doctor own….fine u pay ..

That is all…



OVULATION Boaster is needed for both single and married who still believe they need kids
Unless nay be u don’t want it again
God bless u all



Plz is there any chance of getting pregnant at the last day of the ovulation

Yes of course………the sex should be period of

Evening from 7pm – 11pm because the eggs are warming up to receive the drop of the semen……🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



But plz I have just one question, my flow started on the 14 when is likely to be my ovulation days plz help me

Count from 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28….

That is the deal day is 28

Count 3 backwards which is 25 26 27 and 29 30 1 … these 7 days are your ovulation


Wat causes dryness in vaginal during sex

Decreased estrogen

Hormonal issues


Lack of foreplay

Poor libido