COVID-19 AND THE PLACE OF SELF MEDICATION IN NIGERIA-I  see no reason NCDC should not make public the drugs used in treating Covid-19. The argument that it will encourage self medication, does not appeal to me. You see, Nigeria’s health sector rests almost entirely on self medication. Isolation, quarantine, lockdown and hospitals do not go down well with Nigerians. Let us face it, “chemists” across streets of Nigeria, have treated more patients than all the hospitals in Nigeria put together.

Nigerians only go to the hospital when “water done pass again“.

The reason essentially, is the failure of Nigeria’s public health care delivery system and the exorbitant cost of private health care services. Besides, there is a kind of apprehension and fear that “hospital” invokes in the Nigerian mind. Consequently, self medication has become cost effective and convenient for Nigerians.

Perhaps, our best chance against Covid-19 is not isolation, quarantine or lockdown

. We need to think of something Nigerians are used to, more w with and trust. If Covid-19 can be treated with N2,000 malaria drugs, why is NCDC creating so much panic and fear? Why not simply make the information publicly available? If Nigerians can freely run Covid-tests and freely buy drugs from “chemists” across their streets, perhaps, that is the Nigerian solution that will work for Nigeria.

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