Some ways to identify and let go of the unhealthy mental stories we create when life doesn’t go the way we planned as it’s dangerous to your health.

1. The first step is to begin to notice the narratives that show up in your day-to-day life.

It’s good to recognize that these are your own interpretation of your experience and not necessarily absolute “Truth.” We don’t have to turn this voice of our inner narrator off, nor could we, if wanted to (I challenge you to try and stop yourself from thinking), but we can let this voice loosen its grip on us by recognizing it for what it is. These thoughts are mental constructs, our own interpretations of events.

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2. Have a moment to pause, and separate fact from interpretation. A fact might be: that person looked over my way; my uncle did not come to my house for the holidays; I did not get the job I wanted;


unhealthy reactions to the brain as dangerous to health

my partner didn’t do the thing I requested of her; I have to go for further medical testing. The stories that get attached to such facts might go something like this: that person doesn’t like me; my uncle doesn’t care about me; I’m a failure; my partner doesn’t care about my needs; something is terribly wrong with me.

3. When you observe yourself being caught in a story, stop and ask yourself the following questions: it may be helpful to think for a moment about the recent “story” you told yourself when going through these questions as to regulate health.

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How true is what I am saying to myself and how and accurate, or are there perhaps some distortions, or multiple potential interpretations of the situation.

If really there is someone else involved, what might this story look like through their eyes?

When I step back and see this from a larger perspective, can I envision some other possible stories that exist about this situation? Are some of these more helpful than others? Are some more accurate than others? Which one do I want to embrace? Which do I want to let go of? Which one best serves me? Is my health safe ?

Is my perception to this story taking energy and attention away from the present moment, and contributing to my missing out on the here and now?

What might I focus on that allows me to feel more connected, rather than disconnected, from others and myself?

However, if One is upset with a family member or friend, He may consider that perhaps the other person who upset him has their own reasons for why they acted as they did, and it may have less to do with him personally, and more to do with something painful in their own life.

In addition, He might recognize some part that may have played in the situation, that at first he hadn’t acknowledged.

Replacement of thoughts


Alternatively, He might see that this situation is triggering emotions within the individual that have much less to do with this immediate situation and more to do with past hurts which is capable of destroying ones health.

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Furthermore, rather than staying attached to this story, He can evaluate whether there are any steps He could take to help resolve the conflict and promote good health.

He could also make sure that His not focusing on thoughts that are inaccurate (e.g., generalizing thoughts such as “he never listens to me,” based on this one incident).

Taking these steps can help us take the “I” out of the storm, and find a place of greater calm, perspective, and connection within life’s challenges and as well reduce irrational stress to maintain good health.

The emotional abuse, pain and depression often times emanates from our perception and approach to life changing situations especially the negative ones which causes health problems.

For instance when we lose our marriages, jobs , contracts and love once adults became vulnerable to certain health issues


but when properly controlled one can adjust to work stress management , high blood pressure, ,low productivity and recreational damage in the body.

Therefore it’s advised we exam ourselves monitor our thoughts realize life holds best with health replace negative energy to a better one.