A child with disability must be seen first and not the impairment.

According to Ugwu (2012). Ability of the disabled is in the availability of enabling environment.

Therefore It is our duty as parents, teachers and responsible adults to provide an enabling environment for every child.

Every child is entitle to equal parenting, do not stigmatize them.

the duty of every adult is to fine a way for every child to live a fulfilled life.

Many parents reject their own child before the society, all because of stigmatization.

loved them that’s all they need to live a happy life. Ability in disability

remember your love to them is not a privilege but a right.

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responsible adults then stand up for the right of disabled children. Equal parenting is required.

there’s potential in every child when you can’t function in option A you can perform option B.

there should be a leveled playing field for every child irrespective of their physical deformities the innate capabilities remains untouched no irrespective of their appearance if properly nurtured.

Discrimination to children with disability in today’s social responsibility causes pains in the heart of their parents of those children and the child feeling dejected.

Show love to every living child for disability isn’t a disease.

The disabled are gifted in various areas they’re productive, these Children are useful in other areas of life engagements.

An autism spectrum isn’t the end of the road parents should raise up and take your responsibilities to protect and care for your children not minding their physical fixtures they’re gift to your family.


Finally In the world today many disabled has something to offer, the talent is innate the cognitive capacity is enormous there’s need to develop every child irrespective their making.

Note: there’s hope for every child therefore there’s ability in disability.