My Answer is NO
Getting a life partner consist of some many things
1 prayer because prayer has a long way to go in our life and prayer is the key.
2 Attitude: you know if a lady or a guy did not have good attitude no one will stay.
3 our mind set: you know the way we think matters a lot, for instance now, you try all your best to show me love but my mind still telling me that you are not the one it will not work.
4 character or the way we do things: Can we take good care of yourself? Patient etc.
Getting a life partner is not only prayers ooh us as an individual we have a very good role to play. My Rosy opinion Health group Opinion getting a life partner

Yes, Is only through prayer one can communicate to God and is only God can direct one to long and everlasting relationships favour only jesus can sav  Marriage Medicine (Keeping your marriage and relationship safe )

Well I’d say prayer is actually the very most important thing when you depend and believe in God….for a relationship Worthwhile…. there’s nothing God can’t do when solely dependent on him everything He does give to you chima opinion

My opinion on this Topic is: first as a believer before making a decision u need to prayer nd ask God for direction nd guidance… Marriage is a lifetime institution so wen u ve found the person u sincerely love is expected that u pray to God to show u if u re making the right choice… *Comrade Raph’s Opinion*

Well well well, I believe prayers is the key to finding the right and everlasting relationship.firstly_when u pray to God to lead u into any relationship, God will lead you to him vice versa, because wen u do,u leave ur life / relationship in God’s hands and believe me,is a whole better than taking care of it unselfish P Love

Yes by prayer and even fasting. And also being specific on the kind of spouse you desire. And by the will of God, he will grant your hearts desire. And while praying for that, make sure you are not in sin. Your prayers may likely not be answered . also  pray to God for you to be the right partner for your to-be partner. It will be easier to be sensitive enough to know when God is showing you the right person.. You will identify him or her without stress.. My opinion though.sally

Good morning All
Oh well, finding a partner solely n overly depends on God thru fasting/prayer with faith for God’s direction. It’s the only way u can communicate with God. (I’m a living witness). When u put God first, his word on proverbs 18:22 comes to pass! Gen 2:18 when God finally gives you, your own partner…it’s Divine Kay


Yes..prayer is needed in getting a life partner but at the same time, it’s not only prayer that is needed oooo…reason being that you need to shine your eyes very well when getting a life partner. You have to check his family background, spiritual life, what he does and if you guys are compatible. After checking all these and you find him suitable, then you can put it in prayers and ask God for direction and guidance and I believe God will see you through. Fifi

Praying for a life partner is very important and comes first b4 courting.
U put God first for Divine Direction in choosing a partner in line with God’s purpose for ur life. If u don’t find God first, u will never find the one that is connected to ur marital destiny. Marriage is a good thing. When u marry right, God’s blessings will always be in ur home.Gracefound

Prayers is highly needed when choosing life partners. Because many are suffering in their marriage because they failed to pray. If they’d prayed, they might not married the person they married or they would have done some spiritual exercise before married. Marriage is a fenced 🏠 where some who are inside want to go out but it’s difficult and those outside want to enter. Marrying wrong person might shorten ones life and eternity might not sure. Pray. Prof Timo, I say pray before you marry. Breaking limits

Prayer is seeking God face in everything we want to embark on, always putting God first in everything we do or abt to do but wen it comes to choosing a life partner prayer is not the only thing needed. We oursef shld be presentable to be seen, be active to be noticed, don’t be too smart or too tight in a relationship, even with enuf prayers some people have missed their soul mate due to over sabi….. And again in as much as most people will frown at sex before marriage it also plays a role in choosing a life partner🤷🏽‍♀yes it does but in all u commit all to God and he will direct you but u av to listen to ur inner mind to know wen HE is talking cos HE won’t speak to u directly but can only guide u thru ur that. My opinion Lady Jammy 


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Relationship and health group Opinion 

Yes, when prayers lead you to the right person you LL be santisfied with the person,
*The gat to develop genue love for the person
* The person will love you for who you are
*you gat to trust the person
One thing I know for sure, is that, you need to be Happy with all, both in relationship and in marriage is that , you must stand up to the reality, which is, you can’t replace laziness with prayers. Martins getting a life partner

ok I mean everything is not prayers ohhh there is a saying that says heaven help thoes who help themselves because have seen many broken marriages that they say I prayed and God showed me that u are my wife and they’ll later start having issues and divorce at the end I have a friend that they told the no sex before marriage and they court for three months believe me you after the wedding that night she discovered that the guy is impotent and they told her God said what do out expect her to do at that point so that’s why I say close one eye in prayer open the other in selecting    Backy

You have made your point, but in every thing you must seek the face of God, you must be able to differentiate between love and lust, don’t allow material things to direct your attention,  Must times, when you make up your mind that this is what I want with your pure intention God will make is work, and perfect it, That’s why you should know the person that well before embarking on a life journey with!!!!!  The points are just too plenty to start discussing on👌 Martins respond to Backy opinion 

What is prayer? Let’s critically disect it. Simply put, it is a wish, petition and request made to person and God ultimately with anticipation for something.

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How many people really ask and receive from God especially when we need something important in live before asking for a Godly spouse.

Many of us don’t even pray or know how to heard accurately from God when we pray. So it become difficult to know and heard from God when it comes to life partner.

Let’s not forget that the devil also prays and communicate to persons too. Biblical references are obvious if you care for one Prayer is that master key and vital pointer to getting a life partner but it is not the only thing needed, no not at all . if   truly we appreciate prayers and have made it a lifestyle then when getting a life partner, it will be very easy to know who she or he should be before prayer. Letter from a prospective father to his son

I will continue later please.

I am yet to conclude.

Thanks everyone. KALAWOLA

Prayers are good to lead to life partner but still shouldn’t be the only means in getting a life partner. Once you find out you have a friend and you both are in love and have good understanding of each other and are ready to commit yourselves .. You can go on with marriage.. And in the beginning .. Right from when Adam was in the garden, there was no record that he prayed and was seeking for a wife, God knew it wasn’t good he was alone and needed a partner, then brought Eve. Check the story of Ruth,, Ruth made the move and later was the ancestral link to the Messiah. Prayers can come mainly for confirmation if you have options and there is confusion or if you just want to be sure if your making the right choice Sammysnipes getting a life partner

Marriage is not about prayers oooo
One can pray and still make a blunder mistake

As far u have sex with you gf..nothing like prayers here

Marriage requires
Look well
Reason well
And understand your partner well Dr Emmanuel

God said he will no longer choose a wife for man again…so praying in the area of marriage for the right partner is not really expected…no wonder a pastor said “if any pastor or prophet tell you that this is your husband, run for your life” marriage has to do with two person’s love, mutual understanding, friendship, patience and trust…. That’s when it will work, we only need prayers to protect and bless the Union emmanson

Remember what Adam told God when he ate the forbidden fruit?
He said *”the wife you gave me made me eat the forbidden fruit “*

This event made God to stop choosing wife for his children, that’s why He wants us to *Make Choice* on our own.

He respects our choice, that’s why he said there are two options we human must make *” either to choose life or death*

When it comes to relationship that will lead to marriage, God expects us to make the choice ourselves, not God making the choice for us, so we won’t *apportion blame to him should the wife goes wrong*

As regards prayer, the bible admonishes us to pray without ceasing, but we must combine some spiritual keys before we get vital results. Note that the *Bible didn’t say Prayer is all the keys* …. Prayer is one of the key. E.g Prayer & Love must be combined before your request is granted.

So you must first play your part by opening your eyes to observe, study & chose the person before you call on God in prayer to do his part of the confirmation.

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Bishop Oyedepo said; do not listen to any brother that come to you and say God told me you’re my wife.

I would also advise Intending couples to read books about marriage and relationship before going into it.

There is high tendency that if you rush into marriage you will rush out of it. It is better to prepare before marriage than to prepare in it. Elachious


Health Tips And Love Opinion 

No … U need all d physical and spiritual tools .. first of all have faith in d Lord n be positive..den have a spec in mind..D type that tickles your fancy..den also work on yourself n b d best Any one can wish for in a spouse ..den understand what marriage is n b sure you are ready for it in every way it comes before thinking about it n finally always put your 5 senses on high alert always Kobi king 

I also believe marriage is not about prayers alone because
Many men of God are divorcee, does it mean they never prayed Dr Emmanuel

Good morning Dr and everyone.

The bible says in Luke 21 and Ephesians 6 that we should watch and pray. If you decide to only pray without watching how would you see the woman or man God has chosen for you. Secondly, every person has certain physical appearance that appeal to us naturally, some like slim, others fair and yet others bold black. You set those criteria , pray and watch and choose.

Prayers will direct you to do things right at the right time and place! Eric baade

Hmmmm…..I don’t think so.

In life prayer is always important but it must sometimes be accompanied with action to get full results.
So when it comes to marriage issues you need to to be mutured in all aspects.

Even if you pray and God give you a life partner and you don’t have what it takes to handle him or her, you will lose him or her to someone. Prayer is very good but one has to learn a lot and be matured/ balanced Chainsaw

To me.
Prayers must be first before everything can proceed.
Human is spirit, hence one must command the invisible to make your other five senses free from evil attacks.
People don’t want to hear the word evil but you can’t ignore evil on Earth.. Gravity is there to bring down anything that goes up(evil).
Once about to progress, things will automatically begins to work against you either you agree or not, so pray to command victory first before you execute it senses Ada

NCCF Nassaraw Corper Group Opinion on relationship 

No i dont. That statement is misleading. Yes prayer is important. But there is a place for preparation.

Even in every other area of life, you don’t just pray and go and sit down.
There is a place for friendship, intellectual intimacy. While preparing for other things, you get connected with someone whose purpose matches yours.
However the key thing there is preparation
Luke 14:28-29
For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitter not down first, and counteract the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?
Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him, Pst King Israel 

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