Depression and Drug

Many believes drug heal depression and other psychological issues, yes ignorance can make anyone believes this but dangerous to practice that, but the thought of feeling despondency and dejection is a psychological problem
see a psychologist or a professional counselor

Contact people who specializes in rendering services in such circumstances and not ignorantly indulging in drug abuse it’s wrong

At a critical stage when depression may have taken over ones emotions thoughts become bitter and suicidal thoughts, life will become far from reality. Parents, children and the society

At the point of suicide all you need is to talk your problem with other significant, with high level of confidentiality, when a professional or parents listen to your problem solution is paramount you don’t have to die there’s life again when you fail

No relationship between drug and depression

Depressed and drugs

Visit an elderly persons to discuss your problem

Try your religious leader to share your thoughts

Commit yourself with life changing engagements Career confession significant period of a person’s life

Try recreational activities

Read books

Don’t die of silent

Remember your love ones

Remember the society needs you

Don’t forget people will miss you

Tell yourself I will not give up

Imagine what tomorrow will Offer

suicide is not an option

Substance abuse is illegal



do not abuse any substance to eliminate depression all you needs do is replace your thoughts to something more engaging also give yourself reason to live, where it becomes severe to avoid depressive stupor contact a professional to help you overcome that fast killing situation.

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Establishment of counselling unite in schools , towns and villages will be necessary to tackle this problem.

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Religious homes will help to canvass on the dangerous

Families talk to your children on a daily bases.

individuals take a responsibility to checkmate your partners

Individuals should be mindful of what they say to another

Government should map out strategy to offer her citizens medical education.