Focus on 2021

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focus on 2021

Focus on 20212021 so soon, it’s first month will soon come to an end many of us are still doubting what it will bring to us, a lot of distractions everywhere hmmmmm. It’s Understandable giving it too much of your time will actually hurt you. focus on 2021 There’s always a portion of something good no matter how bad, but we hope this year would be a better year ahead compared to it’s previous.

What do we have to do?
I’ll say or before that; check this since we know what’s coming in the future is unknown as many do say what’s 2021 will bring to us is unknown many are scared of the unknown and I bet you it won’t change anything rather what I understand the most is that the more you’re prepared for something the better for you when it’s needed.

Imply it, from now the beginning of the year start working hard on your self, start preparing your self for that unknown.

how do you do that ?

Acquire new things not just things but new skills, skills is the only thing you can prove to someone you are better than the rest standing out there, in addition to that a posessor of one skill and a possessor of more numbers of skill if both of them go for the same thing it’s more likely for the person which more skills to get it’s not luck it’s not cheating it’s just the scope of life.

Everyone wants who can offer them something special

I promise you if you come to someone empty handed with no special abilities you’ll always be a guest. Please keep that in mind!

It’s true we don’t know what awaits us this year don’t disturb yourself with that , it’s just a mere distraction it can’t bring you to a solution the solution is far from that.

What you need to do now is focus on learning and ACQUIRING new skills. you must focus on 2021

if you have one; DOUBLE IT, if it’s two keep multiplying it moreover it’s fun to do it, it may look tedious at first with time it’s fun.

Just like reading a book for the first 2 months may be very disturbing after a while of being continuous with it, it becomes fun nothing good comes easy commitment and continuity makes it happen at the end.

Never give in to the statement “over preparedness” it ties you down, it makes yoy sluggish if at all we’ll permit it.

know this “The most prepared person when the battles come gets the escape route, the more prepared you are for the unknown the more fit you’ll become when the wind of imbalance blows”

It may not be easy, but when you start you’ll always get a reason to keep going THEINSIGHTMEDIA got a listen ear that will always listen to you.

Be calm, it will work out
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