learn french with dorcas-We are surrounded by Francophone countries as a fence here in Nigeria. Especially where business proposals being brought by (foreigners) translators tend to cheat us. start a french course to learn french with dorcas

For instance, a bargain for #100 if converted is equivalent to 300 CFA, now you call a translator he/she tells you the money is 150/200 ordinarily when you’re supposed to know simple calculation in French. learn french with dorcas

learn french with dorcas

learn french with dorcas

Why You Should Take This Course

  • For sharing boundaries with the French is enough reason to learn the language
  • Furthermore, traveling abroad now you must be efficient in English and basic French
  • French language now is one trait an employer desire in an employee
  • You an asset to that company
  • Other than English, French is the highest language world wide
  • Teaching of French language is on the rise because of it’s economic boom

Because it’s a charm in terms of business and transactions too because you are bilingual. Currently, if you speak French nowadays, it opens doors for so many opportunities especially where a degree certificate doesn’t work. enroll to learn french with dorcas Apply now 

Even a basic French now can make your travels easier than expected why because it allows you communicate with people at hotels, restaurants, hospitals even in the market you find out that your travel or stay there will be much enjoyable and relaxing.

In addition, it gives you an edge in an office, company. Paving way for a higher position and also can lead you to your dream job by recommendation. Apply now

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Who should Enroll for learn french with dorcas

Yes, if you’re wondering how to learn with EASE worry no more.
Are you in for A Professional Course, at any level, or any kind of test or exams, are you planning to travel abroad, Remember you must be efficient in French and English.

Let’s polish the little you know from the preliminary stage, the good news is that, you can HAVE it ALL at EASE.
Are you unsure of the one you learnt years back, Never fear, your solution is right here.

Class time table:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Adults: 6-7pm
Students: 10-12pm

Monthly Tutor Fee: N2,000 ($5.29)

Learning center is TELEGRAM

How to Apply for learn french with dorcas

Click to join learning center on Telegram

For more details Call +23408136596764

learn french with dorcas

learn french with dorcas

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