Study at Glasgow Caledonian University in September 2021/2022

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Glasgow Caledonian University
Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) provides the right university experience that enables students to acquire technical and soft skills that will help them thrive professionally.
With a strong focus on research and career, GCU partners with industries to deliver innovative programmes.
Located in Glasgow, GCU is equipped with modern facilities, and offers excellent teaching that enhance students’ creativity and learning experience. Remarkably, majority of her graduates secure jobs within six months of graduation, or progress in their academic pursuits.
Over 50 innovative courses in diverse fields are available for Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies here. Some of the study areas include:
· Applied Computer Games
· Applied Science
· Biomedical Sciences
· Computing
· Construction and Surveying
· Cyber Security and Networks
· Education
· Engineering
· Law
· Management
· Media and Journalism
· Nursing
· Social Work
Glasgow Caledonia University offers affordable tuition for international students, with up to 8 times instalments.
If you want to study in among the top Universities in the UK, Glasgow Caledonian University is that choice to make.
To study at Glasgow Caledonian University in September 2021, contact us for enquiries on your application process.