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How Floyd George was killed by America Minneapolis in broad daylight-SHAME ON YOU! Without mincing words, African American man killed by America Minneapolis police officers in broad daylight.  The police officer is seen kneeling on the neck can’t breathe George Floyd says before he .

Shame on you America! For Killing George Floyd Watch Video   

Just one day off the internet and you’re still killing your own?
You’re a vampire nation, draining the bloods of her innocents.
You’re like a woman who aborts her babies only to eat them alive – yet the majority of you have the audacity to claim you are against abortion. Bloody Retards!
You allow your gang members run your police force just to exterminate one of your own (who looks different from you), yet you have the guts to invade other nations who are not half as guilty as you are in dehumanizing one of her own, all in the name of HUMAN RIGHTS.

Congratulations! To Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao Floyd killers

#DerekChauvin, #TouThao and two other gang members disguised as those who are to #ProtectAndServe, just strangled another one of your own, #GeorgeFloyd, in broad day light and in public.

George Floyd killers image

George Floyd killers image
George Floyd killers Picture – Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao

You have the effrontery to call other countries barbaric, yet, in 2020, you murder your very own openly and then ‘fire’ the murderers while chanting “Land of the free and home of the brave”.
You’re disgusting!

You have #AmyCooper making false calls to the police against a fellow but innocent American whom she KNOWS would be killed on sight just because of his skin color.
You didn’t stop at that. No! Your toddler white girls now know to blame crimes they have committed on “A BLACK GUY”.BOKO HARAM AGAIN KILL DOZENS

To hell with you White American Churches! You are vile because you raise these murderers.
You then turn a blind eye to the atrocities being committed, and even when the criminals are arrested, you plead for their release.
You know what?
In your own vocab and since you do not understand decency,
#FvckYou #WhiteAmerica!
You should be proud of your monstrosity!
And if you are White and think you are exonerated from these inhumane deeds against your countrymen by staying silent in the face of these #genocides, fvck you too!

I know you stink!

#TOECM 052620
#RacistAmerica #SystemicRacism #StandUpAgainstRacism #MurderousNation #LandOfTheFree #HomeOfTheBrave #LandOfTheFreeAndHomeOfTheBrave #Racism #Racist #KKK #RacistCops #RacistsInUniform #AntiBlackNation #AntiBlack #Humanity #Inhumanity

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