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Theinsightmedia.com we want to announce to you that the UNICAF scholarship program is ongoing. It is one of the best online and on-campus learning platforms that offer high quality and affordable education.

On this note, UNICAF is therefore pleased to announce its UNICAF scholarships 2020 for international students 2020/2021

If you’re a student looking for a way to bring down or reduce the financial stress and burden associated with your education, worry no more. UNICAF scholarships 2020/2021 for international students  is the right option for you.

When it comes to scholarships and grants, many people are full of doubts. This makes them ask questions like are UNICAF scholarships genuine?

Before answering that question through this article, we will have to inform you that the UNICAF scholarship 2020/2021 gives you the future you’ve always dreamed of.

The UNICAF Program

In UNICAF, your program comes with a recognised international online degree awarded by your partner universities in the UK, US, Europe, and Africa. What an amazing offer!

One good thing about the UNICAF scholarship is that for the period of your study as a student, you have unlimited access to study materials to help you understand your course very well and be on the same page with other people.

Another beautiful thing about the program is that you can also keep your job and earn a salary while studying. This simply means that while you are studying, you can also work and earn a living.

Is the UNICAF scholarships Fake?

Many people have been asking this question which am going to answer now. The answer to this question is NO. Although there are many fake scholarships around, of people that claim to offer fully-funded grants or scholarships to international students across the school. On this note, want to inform you that UNICAF scholarships are not fake. This is because they do offer students masters and doctoral opportunities to study their desired courses instead of just having dreams.

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There are many important things about UNICAF, but the thing you need to know is that it has a first-class educational platform based in Europe. This is made possible via their digital platform known as the VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT (VLE). This platform is used to enable first-class online studies for bachelor (bachelor), master, and doctoral programs.

We all know that online studies are the way to go in the midst of the Corona Virus or Covid19 pandemic. Online studies have now given students an effective way to acquire new skills, knowledge, and qualifications.

As a caregiver at home, as a disabled person or even as a professional who cannot give up her job and salary to get a new transport qualification, online learning is the way to go.

UNICAF VLE works well on desktop and mobile devices. This gives students access to learning material and frequent contact with the tutors, who are ready to give amazing support services. It also provides access to the collection of electronic libraries and virtual interaction between students and professionals.

The UNICAF virtual learning environment offers online course material with modern technology that makes learning easy and entertaining.

Why study at UNICAF?

Below are great reasons why you should study at UNICAF.


You can save up to 60% by studying online. So you can only pay a fraction of the total cost of your chosen program if you use the online learning platform.


With UNICAF you can easily access your learning materials. This is because the online platform uses modern technologies and methods to provide the study materials. In addition, the UNICAF VLE is compatible with any device.

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The certificate received from UNICAF is generally accepted. You learn from the best because the programs are taught by national and international experts


There is no fixed time for conferences on the online platform. You can bend at your own pace, but the only requirement is to meet the deadline.

What you need to know about the UNICAF scholarship program

Initially, more than 30,000 eligible applicants from 156 countries benefited from the UNICAF scholarship program. The program has awarded grants totaling approximately $ 100 million over the years.

The scholarship is awarded to very talented people who are financially unable to finance their studies. Although the scholarship is not a full scholarship, It covers part of the students’ tuition fees for the duration of their studies. Nigeria Air Force-Airmen & Airwomen Recruitment 2020/2021

Study level

This UNICAF scholarship program is open to all study levels, i.e. the Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. programs. It is ONLY available for ONLINE STUDIES.

Host country

UNICAF host countries include the United Kingdom, the United States, EUROPE, and AFRICA. Some of the UNICAF partner universities are the University of South Wales (Great Britain), the Marymount University of California in the USA, the University of Nicosia in Europe and the UNICAF University in Africa.

Eligibility for participation in the student country

The UNICAF 2020 grants are open to all international students such as the UNICAF scholarship for Nigerians. The UNICAF scholarship for Kenyans. UNICAF scholarship for Zambia. The UNICAF scholarship for Zimbabwe and the UNICAF scholarship for Ghana. The last is the UNICAF scholarship for Malawi.

Price / scholarship

The scholarship is a partial scholarship (approx. 60% discount) that covers part of the tuition and other tuition costs. It also offers you an accredited certificate that is internationally recognized. Thanks to easy access and registration, you can apply for and receive admission simultaneously with the scholarship.

UNICAF Eligibility Fellowship Program 2020/2021

This online scholarship program considers applicants based on the following factors:

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Financial strength: The candidate must be able to cover part of the costs if the grant is granted.

Student’s country of residence: To apply for the UNICAF scholarship, you need to know which scholarship applies to your country of residence.

Academic qualifications: In order for a candidate to be accepted into the scholarship program, they must meet the qualification requirements for the program for which they are applying.

To see if you are academically qualified for the program you are applying for, visit the relevant section of partner universities.

How do I apply for the UNICAF 2020 scholarship program

First, you have to fill out the online application form. After that, a student advisor will contact you to discuss the following:

Your qualifications for the course.

  Closing details

Admission criteria

If you want to study online alone or on the campus of the UNICAF University in Malawi, you must take note of the following.

The documentation that you must provide for administration.

The amount of the scholarship you are eligible for.

A payment plan that fits into your budget appropriately

Submission of Document

After you have submitted all the documents, you must submit the student advisor and agree that you will follow up on the request. Next, UNICAF approval begins by reviewing your documents to determine if your academic qualification meets the minimum requirements.5 Ways to stay productive while waiting to study Abroad

The student receives final approval and begins studying:

As soon as you have passed the aptitude test. You will receive a notification from the admissions officer and the scholarship committee that you have passed or failed. However, if you are successful and you are an online student, you can access the various UNICAF training centers around the world.

Registration deadline

There is no fixed duration for this scholarship, it is a scholarship all year round, which means that you can apply at any time.

UNICAF Scholarships Application Link

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