How to cure womb infection in women with home remedy- When we talk about womb infection We mean various issues Mostly what is womb infection

This is a type of infection .that affect almost 70% of women As a result of so many factors or issues.

Type of infection that affect almost 70% of women

Womb infection in medical terms means Let’s take a look at this kind of infection Many will be wondering…how come If womb have an infection….

Womb infection in medical terms means, Let’s take a look at this kind of infection If womb have an infection infection….And that is why many women today struggle to get pregnant

But today I will share some brief understanding of the meaning of WOMB INFECTION In medical terms is called Endometritis

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Now let’s get some fact about this

Endometritis is an inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus or endometrium.

Endometritis is different from endometriosis, though both conditions affect the lining of the uterus. Another related condition is called endo-myometritis,

my one grits where inflammation happens in the inner layer of the uterus, called the myometrium.

The uterus is also called the womb So we can see that mostly issues resulting from Bareness is Also caused by womb infection. Let’s go deeper, The womb is the place were babies are formed And if there is any infection in the body….

You put your womb in danger And in summary. We will be looking what makes the womb were the babies are formed Develop an infection, We have many causes of womb infection They are mucu

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causes of womb infection

Normal bacteria infection we have in our body Like staphylococcus, candidiasis, Gonorhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, syphilis.
Once this infection are still in the female body when not treated, It result to serious womb infection. And if there is any infection in the womb.

Am sorry…..child may not come. But only God can help I will be giving u some brief knowledge on how to know that this will lead to serious

Womb infection known as the


Infection is one of the leading problem to Bareness, And if u don’t take time or treat it will lead to serious issues.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other bacteria. Sexually transmitted infections are passed on during sexual activity. These include

– chlamydia

– gonorrhea

which can cause an infection in the uterus lining. Or the womb infection. It is important to always practice safe sex
With the use of condom.

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Bacteria in the uterus.

Bacteria normally found
in the vagina and cervix can cause endometritis if they are found in the uterus. Pelvic inflammatory disease,  or PID, is an infection in the pelvis.

It is often associated with, or a cause of, endometritis. PID can be serious if not treated and requires quick attention and a possible stay in the hospital. or in herbal clinic I always tell people that infection is a very deadly To the womb

Some of the dangers of having infection while pregnant

  • You can give birth to a blind person
  • You can give birth to an abnormal child

It may affect his growth

Infection must be cleared before you can even say you want to be pregnant. As a doctor for 9 years
Infection and infertility are the major cases I have treated everyday. Prevent yourself so u will not spend much.

Childbirth or miscarriage. These Is another reasons of Womb infection. you will ask me how Once you give birth, and the Delivery is through CS OR operation, there is a slight chance of contacting a bacteria because during the process. Many linen are seen or showcased to infection.

That is why most issued are the most common reasons for the uterus lining to become inflamed.

Miscarriage is deadly and bad How? Miscarriage is like abortion, because when blood comes out from the body… At that spot.. Many women are not careful. Unseen germs pass through the blood and travel down to the womb immediately

And the 3rd one is bad BLOOD, in fact many youth is dying in this one because of the excess s** you have with everyone you see.

Bad blood comes from sex, bad blood through food, bad blood comes through eating sucking infected organ and when you do these… Infection begin to grow in the womb, that is why I always advice all young ladies to flush their womb and purify bad blood to make it new.


Women womb purifier

These are the three set of BLOOD PURIFIERS I did for my patients.. When you take this herbs… Something like worm will come out from your anus


8 materials is used to do that blood purifier

Ginger, Honey, macca, black seed, Jetropha And 3 others you don’t need to know

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Now remember we are talking about womb infection and we are identify the causes

mixture of dirty semen in your vagina or dirty fluid in your Vagina. A lot of women are crying today because of no baby Many tag it SPIRITUAL who told u?
It is because…. some major things which u need to take care of were neglected by you. In future times it will fire up. Womb infection is different from normal infection

It is normal infection that leads to womb infection, and when it enter WOMB it becomes a serious case… That is what many women don’t know. womb infection in women

Let me give u this as an advice for all the singles or married women that need a child…here are some tips and treatment u need

No 1… Flush your system

No 2… Treat infection

No 3.. Boast your ovulation

No 4… Flush out bad blood

No 5. Boasting. Of fertility
And you will see your self conceiving.

As a woman what you need now is precautions and blood purifiers,


Question and Answer

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Use paw paw leaves and gauva leaves , cook them together and drink the water.


Morning and Evening for two weeks see your self get healed.