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How to enhance your skills of public speaking to live audience “Public speaking is the process or act of performing a speech to live audience “

Either we are talking in a team meeting, in a class room or presenting in front of group. We all have to speak in public from time to time.
Does the thought of speaking in front of people make you frightened, make you sweat or your heart starts pounding? It’s likely you have fear to speak in public. Most of us feel fear to speak in public because we think that what if i say something wrong? How will people react on it? We think “i’ll be never good in it rather than i’m going to do well.” We can do this well or we can do this badly it’s completely up to us. The thing is that you can overcome this fear with just a little bit of practice.

public speaking

Some points which can enhance your skills of public speaking.

1. Stay positive
One of the first and foremost steps that you can take to overcome the fear of public speaking is to stay positive and to change your thoughts and shutting up all the fear that makes you anxious about public speaking. Change your negative thoughts into right direction. The reason behind this is very simple. According to research your body reacts in accordance to your thoughts and feelings. So once you have managed all the thoughts that develop fear in your mind, your body will automatically react different. Believe in yourself that you can do this in better way and let your confident self rule over your public speaking fear.

Their is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so …Shakespeare 

 2. Engage your audience
Give your audience a reason to listen you get them interested. Like tell a story because most of people usually take interest in listening to stories or share a personal experience or ask them a question it involves the audience and make them feel like they are being spoken to directly. This creates the great engagement. Do eye contact. It has numerous benefits like it creates a connection between the speaker and audience. For the person who giving speech eye contact can also help to calm nerves and give a sense of focus and direction during a speech.

 3. Body language
More than half of your impact as a speaker depends upon your body language. It comprises gesture, stance and facial expression. These are all the more important when the eyes of whole audience are upon you. When you are presenting, strong body language becomes an essential tool in helping you build credibility express your emotions and connect with your listeners. And audience respond best to presenter whole bodies are alive and energetic.

Effective communication is 20%what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know …Jim Rohn

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4.Star with a smile
Research has shown that the act of smiling even artificially can actually make a person feel more happy and feel easy. So put a big smile on your face when you begin speaking. Many audience will probably smile back at you too. This will make you feel relaxed, confident and connected.

Knowing what you are going to say during your speech is one thing, but it’s another to perform it well. There are several factors that go into an interesting public speech, but the most important thing is to practice until you feel confident to do it in front of others.Start by practising to yourself in front of a mirror. Ask someone you trust to be your listener and practice your speech in front of them. Their honesty can give you further insight into how you can improve your speaking skills. It also helps you notice things that you may not have.

If you speak well in public it will help you to get a good job, promotion and educate others. The more you will push your self to speak in front of people the better will you become and more confidence you will boost.

Hi Guys!

Let know your fear why you have failed to stand out in public to speak.

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  1. Public speaking isn’t something I necessarily enjoy. It is something I do at a push and can engage the audience if it’s on a subject I enjoy.

  2. Practise makes a man perfect, someone truly said. I had the fear of speaking infront of live audience, However, it decreased slowly, and now, I am confident.

  3. Thank you for sharing these tips! I am learning from this so much, especially I’m not good in public speaking.

  4. I used to find public speaking challenging. How much ever I prepared, one look at the audience and I wanted to run away. These are some really good tips to overcome that.

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