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How to Flush infection like yeast infection out from the body- Body cleanser is a means by which a certain medication is given in other to eradicate unwanted toxins. In fact i always advice ladies to always flush and clean their system. The food we eat can gather bacteria and cause more harm to the body

What you need to know about yeast infection

The yeast infection is a common infection among 93% of women globally Note if you want to learn more on this the book is available complete below. So almost all ladies are suffering from that infection

Things that can affect your body system

Because you take in bad food and drinks everyday. It stays long in the body system
It begin to affect your

  • Kidney
  • Sexual organs
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Intestine
  • Eyes

The body is filled up with bacterial and germs when we don’t care for it

You take in coke
You drink all kinds of soft drinks

And you think that you are enjoying

if only God can open your eyes to see where that drink is digesting or reacting in your body…you will cry to your God
So…..at times…we should watch what we eat

For example. women are not suppose to take in

Any kind of soft drinks, so that they can avoid the risk of fibroid growth remember fibroid is as a result of excess Estrogen

And the cause of these is as a result of …what you eat
As a lady, your body is very sensitive
Many women are looking for children.

The devil is not responsible it is because there are many things u need to correct in your body

As a lady learn to avoid some food.

All soft drinks avoid

No 1.. All soft drinks
No 2…..Coffee
No 3…indomie
No 4…Sugar
No 5…burgers
No 6…buns and doughnuts

A testimony from my doctor friend.. I treated a lady last two years

She was diagnosed with heavy staph and womb hotness
After some check up

She told me that she loves eating indomie

Avoid indomie

And junks Like coke

read this short story

This thing went far and block the womb A time came after weddings, child were difficult
So I treated her and flush her body for one good month She was passing out smelling urine during the medication process
And now she has put to birth. U see after 6 years of no child
So, ordinary coke can block womb

Ordinary white bread can affect your ovaries Coke contains Acid that can affect the hormones and trigger issues in ovulation

And we all know that if we don’t have a solid ovulation.. Pregnancy is 2% Assured

That is why as a lady should flush her system once a month Or twice a month to avoid had I known.

We have over 66% of women battling with just one child
And u pour the blame on devil it is because those things that u need to be Eaten were avoided

Number one food a lady should eat 

Soya bean and okro
Soya bean and okro

Soya bean and okro is no 1 and 2 food for every ladies

This food helps to boast the ovulation of a woman, Don’t allow your stubbornness put you in serious health condition

What are the unseen Bacteria

Let’s use traditional ways to talk on this

No 1 yeast infection
N0 2 PID
NO 4 OVARIAN CYST not a bacteria

Note: Most food can lead to infection Indomie. Is not good for women at all. When you  consume all this food you make your system
Uncomfortable Also Read: How to cure toilet infection using Miracle Seed and Combo

Recommended food you should eat to keep your system clean

Rather. ….eat more of..

Okro soup
Local rice
And more vegetables

Okro soup is very good for women

Stop eating foreign rice

Local is more healthy than foreign rice

No 2  having an unprotected sex . when have careless unprotected sex you don’t know. what the person is having in his or her body. The more u exchange bad blood with an infected blood …your blood becomes Old
Use GOOD condom
With someone
Condom like
Sue kiss
Bullet proof
Flesh to flesh
Kiss me die
And Anger condom
Almost all this condom are sold in

Hospital Use condom and avoid bad blood..

What are the ways we can know we have bad blood that need to be flushed

This blood can hinder pregnancy Cause miscarriage Even vagina damage

Some various signs 

No 1 Is body itching

No 2  Bleeding
No 3 Movement round the body
No 4 Low sex drive
No 5 Vagina odour and Irritation
No 6 Farting during sex

U mess like this.. Tuuuuuuuuuuu

No 7 When the Vagina is rough. Now my ladies in the house

Put in mind that u need to flush your system
Is a must, Because ladies body are open to diseases

A lady can pee in a position and contact infection
So flushing is very essential essential

Carrying a baby with infection is dangerous
Some women experience

Miscarriage Some experiences. Abnormal growth of the child

If u give birth to a child with infection am sorry
U may be angry because the child will never be presentable

I have seen a lady that gave birth to a blind child because of infection

Now…….we have up to 6 ways a lady can flush her system…but I will give u just one….

Natural Remedy to flush the system #flush the body naturally

No 1 process to flush your system

Macca root powder
Clove powder

Process of preparation

2 spoon of ginger powder

2 spoon of garlic powder

2 spoon of macca root powder

1 spoon of clove

Mix all together in a warm water
and drink on an empty stomach
For 14 days

You will thank me.


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