flat Tummy Tea Remedy No in Nigeria we have seen many people living under obesity.

Excess Body Weight

Obesity is a serious condition that may lead to severe health issues and almost all health challenges we face today are caused by the choice of food we eat.

Excess Body Weight in a man or woman can cause many havoc if not properly look into with great concern.  But today 65% are living under this excess body weight condition.

Remember if you don’t work on your self today…. You may regret  tomorrow when you see your self on the mirror,  many diseases are research as causes of this body weight. flat Tummy Tea

Excess Body Weight-  can make a man not to marry a woman and also make a woman not to accept a man hand in marriage.  No man would love to see his wife having much weight or a wife seeing his husband by becoming so big.

Excess body weight is classified into some segment in herbal research Institute.

Classes of Excess Body Weight 

  1. Obesity
  2. Excess Bom Bom
  3. Big Tummy
  4. Large Breast
  5. All body size are big but not obesity
  6. Shapeless
  7. Slim but have a big breast and dry yansh


We will talk on all these in a simple explanation…… Obesity means when someone has an heavy body weight mass index.  This situation makes the person ugly and has no single shape. If the person measures more than 20% over the body weight,  He or she is regarded as obese,  fat in the body is very bad,  it can make your partner to cheat on you careless,  that is why as a woman or man always work on your self regularly. Delay in marriage. flat Tummy Tea


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Many ladies have heavy ass or Bom Bom,  if you check their whole body,  their body don’t correspond with the boobs, legs and hands.

Loose Weight and Big Tummy Remedy

Example of a lady who has big breast but shapeless

Take a look at the lady,  I have to go to the Internet and get a picture to explain more on my teaching.  In a situation when the body language is like this,  Do you expect the man to be faithful even if he wants to?

When the breast is too big,  it seize the circulation of blood through the heart and may cause heart issues.


Big Tummy is the leading among all many people caused it themselves,  someone that has big tummy can never be sexy,  be it man or woman.  Were by the tummy is extremely large than it’s normal size.  Big Tummy affect 58% of youth globally I will outline four causes of big tummy.

Four causes of big tummy  

  1. Eating late- Once you eat above 6:30 you are putting the body in danger, not only does it cause big tummy,  it can also lead to other diseases,  big tummy is mostly ugly in ladies than men because women are meant to have a very nice shape,  though men needs it, But women needs it more. If you  don’t work on your tummy now,  you may end up loosing your partner be it a man or woman.


In this situation a woman or man can gather a lot of body sizes and yet remain big which may be abnormal HOW?

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We have alot of ladies and guys today that are very fat all part of their body are same,  but they are big.  What do we mean by that,  we have major causes of this issues.  But we gonna address the issue .

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One major causes of general body fat

Excess intake of eggs and beans– This food are high in cholesterol which can trigger the body weight index to began to accumulate more fat in the body.

Some will ask me sir,  what of lack of excerise….. Listen eating more of this food will cause more harm than good.


Anyway I will not talk more on this because God created them like that,  but some people caused why they are shapeless.  Listen eating much food can make you to be shapeless. Consuming more caffeine can also cause excess Body fat to be shapeless and finally


This issue is affecting many youth today.  When you are slim,  learn to work on your self so as to gather some weight in other for the ass to correspond with the breast and body like the above picture. Let me summarize Also ReadAkwa Ibom State Coconut Refinery reaches 80% completion

Food that you need to reduce to avoid heavy weight

  1. Eggs
  2. Beans
  3. Salad
  4. Sharwarma
  5. Meat

What are the precautions we should take to Loose Weight 

  • Avoid late food
  • Exercise thrice a week
  • Reduce your intake of fatty food
  • Avoid much milk
  • Don’t rush food

NOTE If you rush food,  you create chance for fat. HOW? Because food are not properly digested before consuming.  another one It can lead to accumulation of fat in the system.

Rather eat:

  • Local rice and vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • Yam
  • Beans in moderate

Please I want to sound this as a lesson to you…….. If you are above 20 years and you are still eating more than two eggs per week…  You are only digging your way to sickness.

Flat Tummy Tea

Get some Lemon…  Cut in pieces and add it in a boiling water.

After that bring it down

Add your Tumeric Powder,  just a spoon….  And take it one cup

Morning and Night for two good weeks

You will see the magic cure

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Flat Tummy Tea