How to Run a Profitable Facebook ads and Instagram-For those that normally post things everyday on Facebook is called grabbing of attention. You will be notice by your followers or friends. facebook business

Most business men use social media to grab attention, keep the attention and make money from the traffic.

How to convert attention of your audience

You need to offer a free package to people to grab their attention for future purpose.

Keep Attention

convert that attention into money

Understanding Good health

Secret one

Use facebook business manager instead of boost post/promote button



I will advice you to use  to advertise for your business, if you want your money to produce result for you, use

What works

You have all the full options using facebook Business manager instead of boost post and promote button.

Secret Two

Targeting real business that are interested in what you’re selling. First step to know how to target in facebook

  1. You need to know who is your customers
  2. You can target people by their interests, location, phone, demographics, behaviours online
  3. Do a customer research to know all the pains, struggles and interests of your dream buyers online.

Secret Three

Use attention grabbing image

images that can make people to stop.

your image must be an attention grabbing image.

What works

Never rely on using one image, you never can tell which image will get you more results.

Example : Use happy images of people

Don’t use too many text on your images

  • Make your ads look real
  • No too much text on image
  • test your image before using it.
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Secret Four

Use Magnetic Headlines

  • Headlines that attract
  • Headlines that pull attention

What Works

Your Headlines should pull people in to want to read the rest of your advert.

let your headlines describe the ideal solution your customer is currently dreaming about.

if you are thinking how will i write headlines for my ads use google or download this eBook on head attention.

Secret Five

Your advert write up and copy should connect with the readers.

  • Your headlines should result what you have been saying in advert write up.

You don’t want people reading your ads write up and will be confused.

What Works

  • Rather than trying to sell directly, tell a story that connects with your customer’s current situation.
  • Talk about how their life will change positively when they get your product and services

Bonus Secret Six

Have a call to action and be specific on what your customer should do next

What works

Be clear and specific on what you want people to do after reading your advert

Don’t tell people to do too many things at a time.

Be direct on your action or you get your customers upset.

Bonus Secret Seven

Have a follow-up system

What Works

Use your adverts to send people to your website to collect their names, email, phone numbers so you reach out to them again in the future.

Set up a follow-up system that enables you to add value and sell everyday to your current and existing customers.

Have a email marketing system. example get Response connected to your website. DRUG AND DEPRESSION (why you need psychologist)

What’s Next

I have share all the secret to you, now you need to take action toward this method.

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Written by : Timothy Chimene

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