Today insecurity has become furious to nation growth and national development

The arrival of insecurity to each nation these days will be derived right down to a nation political ideology

For instance in continent several believes politics could be a war between poorness and property, thus as an official to accumulate cash to possess a property you want to benefit of the poor to achieve height and wealth.

This apply had for many years resulted to the involvement of law-breaking, manipulation, injustice, anarchy , monolithic , exploitation, management. Etc that tainted the system all as a results of an explicit people monopolizing the system for stinginess.

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In Nigeria these days the high rate of insecurity is startle up-to-date, and therefore the folks that suffers the menace is that the poor lots (war of poorness and property )

As the poor lots board scare the made cart off their properties, the poor lots solely enjoys the liberty to breath (Air) and suffer denial of the remainder basic desires that is food, shelter, garments and water within the hands of the oppressors greedy and stingy politicians within the nation politics.

The rate of insecurity has deserted several areas in Nigeria these days and continent creating life unbelievable to the poor voters.

Just yesterday 4th June 2019 at DE Booth lounge in GRA Port harcourt Rivers metropolis were invaded by unknown gun men shooting periodically one dead 2 kidnaped several slashed, at concerning 9:11pm , which can result individuals not going there to patronize the business feat the owner hunger and lost of investment, what’s the cause Politicians solely that specialize in their cycle militarizing their nearest why the poor stays indoor to alter them steal the supposed wealth of the lots, unhealthy governance and insecurity.


According to an Eye witness that on the arrival of the gun men they ask the manager of the lounge who ask you to operate without paying us they shoot innocent soul dead then proceed to the lounge Owner took him and 2 others away.

The rate of insecurity is high as the poor will be needing intervention and support from the British, America and EU to help create enabling environment to her citizens,

Insecurity is the killer of any nation when managed properly the poor will become average while the average becomes rich, the day to day activities will help to sustain growth, development ,
absolutes relationship , peace and love and will minimize theft, greed and abuse and hatred to one another especially the eradication of insecurity and corruption.