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Internship: Your key to Opportunities- scholarship One of the questions we get often from prospective students who want to study abroad is if they are allowed to work while studying.

The answer is YES. YES. YES. In most countries, international students are allowed to work 20 hours per week and unlimited during holidays. But, if you work beyond the stipulated hours during the semesters, you have breached one of your visa conditions; if the authority discovers, you will be in some hot soup.

Having the opportunity to work while studying is amazing. It helps you earn and save up money for your basic needs. However, most students focus so much on menial jobs for immediate gratification than they think of the nearest future. This, we do not consider a very smart decision.

During our Pre-departure briefings, we always advice our students to look beyond menial jobs and think about their chances of immediate employment after graduation. Menial jobs like bar tending and the rest are good for immediate financial needs, nonetheless, we advice you add to this, professional experience through voluntary internship. While the menial job gives you little cash, the internship gives access to future opportunities.

Three Benefits of Internship:

There are numerous benefits of interning, but I’ll share three to help you see the bigger picture.

1. Rich Resume and Experience:

When you intern, you gain real-world experience that helps you practically understand everything you’re taught. You get inside knowledge. You learn from the gurus in your profession, acquire skills that are relevant to your industry and then, you build a quality resume/CV. This is invaluable.

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2. Industry Connect:

Interning gives you access to professionals in your industry. You’re positioned in the right network that would facilitate your career growth. Some become mentors to guide you in the industry, or references for your future job. You learn from their experiences and are introduced to their networks as well.

3. Employment Opportunity:

Some interns have been fortunate to secure permanent employment by companies. Because you’ve become part of the team, although on voluntary basis, when there’s an available position that you fit into, it’s easier to consider you before an outsider. You know why? You’ve been taught the job. You understand the company’s policies. You’re a team mate. You’ve acquired the skills they need. Tell me, why would they look out when they personally trained you?

On the other hand, if there’s no available opportunity at the moment, someone might refer you to another organization. You never can tell who’s been watching. Even if they don’t, your resume speaks well of you.
You see, there’s a huge difference between you who’s been engaged with a professional organisation in your industry while studying, and someone who studies and does menial jobs alone.

You could do both menial and voluntary jobs. Remember, you need money as well. Sit down, draft a time table and plan your schedule. Decide what time you give for menial jobs and voluntary professional internship. Time management helps you create a balance.

When you do this alongside your studies, by the time you graduate, you have both a degree and professional experience. You’re ready for a global career. Awesome. Awesome.

P.S. this is not just for those studying abroad. Wherever and whomever you are, should you be a fresh graduate or someone who desires a career shift, I’ll advice you strategically volunteer your services at an organization that’s in the industry you desire to build your career. This would go a long way for you.

Hey you, take out time ASAP, write to as many companies as you can and request for an opportunity to intern, voluntarily. Just do it. Someone might call.

Plus, you might be paid a stipend. Maybe!

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