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Negative Ions SANITARY PAD
Pointing at the proper use of women    sanitary pads.

In this case, Sanitary pads are made from recycled paper.treated by bactericide, pesticide, bleached by chlorine, dioxin, other chemical products like polyester, adhesive Negative Ions.

Some of these materials such as: polyethylene, polypropylene are from petrol industry, containing also industrial glue. The toxic products can cause allergy, infection, infertility and even cancer etc.

However Double plus negative Ions Sanitorry pads are revolutionary invention providing alkaline atmosphere, revitalize all body’s functions and can be used to treat naturally all heath conditions in women, men and children.

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Negative Ions (Anion) chip in your shoes will remove the odor by antibacterial effect.

the Double plus negative ions, Anion, Napkins releases. 20% of Oxygen and 6090 Anion/cm these leads to the

creating alkaline atmosphere, suppressing the multipli- cation of bacteria, virus, .

Because the negative ion chip in each napkin releases large amounts of oxygen, has a balanced PH level ( potential of Hydrogen) and enhances hormonal balance that effectively improve the following in day to day activities.

1 incretion
2 strengthening
3 immunity
4 reducing stress
5 Eliminating vaginal infection
6 kills bacteria
7 treats inflammation 8eliminate odour
9 itching
10 menstrual pain
11 blockages and fibroid

Therefore women are much more vulnerable to infections and diseases especially from what they now consume or apply.

It’s more like not having a proper orientation about what they use.

However, many experts formulates theories and measures to which people can live healthy without visiting the hospital or a doctor but one many risk that had over time existed is the ignorance people nowadays pose when it comes to healthy living.

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Most importantly to maintain health one must be concerned about the product you consume, some of the random infection today emanated from the wrong use of sanitary pads.

The woman body opens uncontrollably” especially when proper hygiene is not apply at the time of menstruation there’s high tendency of jams causing infections into the system which the dangers maybe seen after so many years.

As a result of the benefit and danger, women are advise to cultivate the culture of applying a healthy method during menstruation to avoid contamination of dangerous diseases and longtime chronic illness.

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  1. Hi Joshua,
    Good article. Did you know that the average person using about 180 chemicals on their body every morning?. That is why as you said we should be aware of what we put on our bodies and what we eat and even what our environment contains. If we want to living healthy and stay healthy than we must start educating and researching, reading labels and know what the ingredients are.
    Sanitary napkins are filled toxic ingredients but there many green ones becoming popular and you negative ions sounds very interesting.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    • Thank you, it’s our collective responsibility to educate the people on what they consume or use. They say ignorant is the greatest disease we will continue to campaign on issues of public interest Health”

      Marla gates
      your blog has impacted lives on health related issues we strongly believe you will continue to advocate on healthy living for increase in productivity.

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