Letter from a prospective father to his son- this little pieces is for those that desire to become a better husband and a wife father.

Dear Son,

Words written with alphabets might not pass this message correctly, but I’d rather try.

Born in a time when the tongue is likened to life and death maker, I realized that life and death still lies within the realm of the scrotum.

Son, alphabets may not be the order that rules the reading state in the realm your exist, but I hope the Universe translates every bit of this.

I’m writing this to you as a compass and prospectus that will usher you into reality.

In this highway of reality, I’d rather speak readiness into you than scare you with the happenings of the world.

Son, born in time when survival is all that matters, I’m making plans for you. If I survive the transition of reality, if I scale through, if I witness your arrival, may this message be worthwhile.

I know someday you’ll call me ‘Daddy’, but I’ll be glad you call me ‘Father’, life is too short, so I should be reminded every moment of my fatherly role.

Son, of all plans that I’m making, the greatest plan for your safety will be the best mother on earth as a token of my love for you. I may not present you with a ‘know it all’ kind of mother, but I promise she’ll be a shoulder you can lean on when the world awakens its wickedness.

I promise to give you a mother whose tongue flows with wisdom and right counsel. I promise she’ll be all it takes to make you happy.

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I know how important it is to have a mother who can represent you socially and educationally, but in a world where nothing is guaranteed, she’ll be your emotional support too.

I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my time, but my dear son, I promise none of them will come near you. I might not be the best, but I’ll try with all the strength that lies in my solar plexus.


The world is a beautiful place, it all depend on our point of view. My son, I urge you not to be distracted with the happenings of the world when you finally make it to this place.

There are a lot of mischievous people on earth, I only pray you see the good in people always. Time and season will reveal who really mattered.

Son, I know your curiosity might be a propeller to explore and make dreams become reality, but dear son, always take a moment, relax, love yourself, show love to family, spread kindness to your loved ones, because at the end of life, your pursuit account lesser than your relationship with humanity.

Son, growth is necessary, but I pray you grow slowly and wisely. Every attainment has an order, never skip a step, allow the full process to consummate with time.

Your prospective Father,
Alika Jesse Chukwudi.


Written by : theinsightmedia

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