Marriage and money 

To succeed in every Marriage the intending couples should agree on a certain issues.

Ensuring success in every marriage agreement is paramount.

However, agreeing on issues is not just for intending couples but married couples can also sit down and talk about these issues, so that there will be less friction in their homes.

TogethernessDuring a marriage seminar with some couples after teaching on this subject, a couple who had been married for many years sat down for the first time and talked far into the night agreeing on issues.

A treat to relationship involving changes in emotion (Mental illness)

There are many issues that cause a lot of friction in the home and marriages today but the number one issue credited all over the world that causes marriages to break is MONEY.

Money is very important in life and the home. Without money, you will not be able to achieve much or live a fulfilled life. However, as good as money is, there are many things money cannot do for you.

The power of money can buy you a bed but not sleep. Money can get you books but not intelligence. It can also build you a beautiful house but not a good home. So, money has its limitations.

Therefore, a good understanding of money and how to manage it is important in life.Happiness

                     The couple

the say that the love of money is the root of all evil.” Religiously The Bible does not say money is the root of all evil but the LOVE OF MONEY. So, you need to have the right perspective about money.

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else, you will end up in sorrow, even if you have all the money in the world. Couples given out to the love of money is practically the simplest trap to destroy marriage and relationship.


Therefore, the first and most important thing to agree about money with your spouse is that MONEY SHALL BE YOUR SERVANT.Someone once said money is a good servant but a terrible master. If you allow money to rule your life, you are likely going to run into lots of problems that will gradually ruin your life and relationship


marriage vs money The next thing to agree about money is that ALL INCOMES INTO THE FAMILY IS OUR MONEY. In other words, every family should have a central pool of money from where disbursements are made as agreed. This does not stop each partner from having a personal account, but there should be a central account from where family expenses are taken care of. This way, there will be less money arguments.

couples who practice zero tolerance about money will likely succeed and leave jealously in the neighborhood and beyond.

It’ is practicable to honor your marriage with sincerity, faith , respect , love and understanding for a long lasting togetherness.

Written by : Joshua Gentle

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