The psychological implication of Teens juvenile, murder of her loverly mother

A teens 17year-old name Chastinea was sentenced on Wednesday afternoon after being guilty in the February 2017 killing of a 34-year-old Jamie Garnett at their home in Gary, about 40 miles southeast of Chicago.

teens Chastinea admitted she stabbed, cut and chopped her mother more than 50 times which resulted to her mother’s ugly death.

The Northwest Indiana news reports that Chastinea who was 15 at the time of the incidence, was charged as an adult in Lake Superior Court instead of seen as juvenile though culture differs.

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Chastinea wept as she told Judge Diane Boswell that she missed her mother badly and wished she hadn’t killed her by her own hand she melted.

Boswel asked Deputy Lake County Prosecutor Maureen Koonce to explain why a plea agreement called for the minimum sentence as such.

She outlined how evidence showed Chastinea not only contemplated killing her mother the day of the murder, but had thought about it previously without lost of emotion.

‘Not only is this case of premeditated, heinous murder, it’s also your mother,’ Judge Boswell said in court. ‘I don’t get it. What are the mitigations she ask that caused her to get the resulting to confusion.

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Defense attorney John Cantrell said Chastinea was just 15 when she committed the crime and could be in her 50s by the time she is released he said.

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‘She’s a child,’ he said. ‘She accepted responsibility, and she’s remorseful haven recovered from the unconscious state, but excuse is not accepted in curt of law.

Chastinea, right, is pictured with her mother, Jamie Garnett, 34, left, whom she admitted stabbing, cutting and chopping more than 50 times in February 2017

He didn’t think Chastinea had any chance of being acquitted at trial because prosecutors had the knife used to kill Garnett with Chastinea fingerprint in blood according to the Chicago News paper.

Judge Boswell said Chastinea did not appear to be remorseful during previous court appearances and asked she asked Reeves to speak for herself because she was still ruin Psychologically.

After standing in silence for a moment, Judge Boswell encouraged her to speak up haven cajole her Chastinea now speak.

‘Tell me why you did this lawyer ask, she said. ‘Why did you feel you had to do this to your mother?

‘I don’t want to talk about it,’ Chastinea started talking to herself.

But the judge persisted, telling her it was a chance to explain why she should receive the minimum sentence after what she keep mute.

‘I cannot accept this plea, and you can go to trial and face up to 65 years,’ Boswell ask the curt . ‘Help me understand why you did this. Your being young doesn’t impress me. You knew better. You knew better than this age isn’t a factor for such crime she added crime is crime.

Chastinea was given 45 years in prison for the murder’


Lastly, she spoke through tears: ‘If I could go back, I wouldn’t do it again,’ she said. ‘I’m only a child, but I know that doesn’t excuse it, she shouted

‘I do miss my lovely mother, and I wish I wouldn’t have done it,’ she said, bursting into tears uncontrollably.

And She’s going to be 50s when she’s released, and that’s an incredible portion of her life,” her lawyer, Cantrell, said continue by saying that in the face of law this will sound as warning for teenagers.

Koonce said Chastinea has no criminal history and that the DNA evidence in the case is complex which may Psychological problem then call for a further forensic pathologist to go deep as to put a stop of this in future.

Because I  don’t know exactly what to say,’ she said. ‘I don’t understand, because she was such a good child,’ Grandma said of her granddaughter.

‘All I want to ask is that she can receive some type of therapy,’ she said. ‘Something’s wrong. Something snapped. I hope she can get some type of help mentally to get through what she has done and Emotionally.

‘Therefore She deserves what she gets. I’m not saying what she did was OK, but I do feel she needs therapy a serious check.

The judge ordered she undergo a psychological follow up and receive recommended treatment as deem necessary for her situation while she continue her jail terms.

There’s urgent need for including therapeutic activities in our curriculum as to regularly checkmating pupils from time to time.

The introduction to psychology based subjects will foster the understanding of crime and its punishment in every society, if this is practically done individuals especially teens will develop morals that will help them avoid such a problem in the coming days.