My First Abuja Friend As a Corper

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My First Abuja Friend As a Corper

My First Abuja Friend As a Corper- I’ve been an extreme introvert, almost all my life. Now let’s dissect this. I really like to hang out but not in a usual way or places.
I do have an odd interests. Sometimes, I feel like walking around a garden or going to the zoo, visiting a waterfall, hyking a mountain, strolling on a serene forest path, listening to the birds and oozing the breath of fresh air. These are some of my muse. Focus on 2021
You can call me weird.
I know right…😊

My First Abuja Friend As a Corper

I agree to some extent, because things that interest people really do not give me much verve. And here is where the introvert part of me resides. So I tend to rescind to self most times.
Alright, let’s continue with the story.

On getting to Abuja for my youth service. One the decision I made was to improve on my social life. That part of me needs growth really. It’s been almost stagnant. Years in the university helped but a little.

A day after I came to Abuja, I went to NYSC Secretariat at Maitama for documentation.
On my way back, I was haulted by this young man. He was steering the wheels of a Black Benz accosted by an elderly man at the front seat.

He whined down the tinted glass and called on me. I greeted politely, maybe because I saw the elderly man first before taking a glance at the son (presumably).

I was actually looking for the nearest bank around to make withdrawals that very day.
Corper, where are you heading to” he asked
“I’m trying to locate any bank around here”, I answered.”
“You have to enter taxi to Central Business Area or Wuse, that’s where you can see banks”. he responded.

The conversation ended by contact request. I knew we’d get there las las….😃.
This has been a major issue for me, since I came to the city. It’d been very difficult to locate some places and this has made me ask a whole lot of questions to strangers.

And it seems like there is a price for everything obtainable in Abuja, even as little as a direction. You can pay by exchanging your contact. Because you must be asked for it, especially if you’re a corper. It’s just like that.

I had accrued so many strange numbers in my phone. And for each of them, after the day’s activities are filtered and blocked. Good radiance!
But for a reason I cannot fathom, I did not block this young man’s number. Perhaps, it was because he was riding in a Benz with his Dad. Lemme crucify myself before you all come with your nails…😂😂.
His contact was neither blocked nor saved, because I forgot his name. My bad.
There are so many things I don’t do on a first meeting, one of them is not looking at people’s face properly, another is forgetting people’s name almost immediately.

This is not gender specific. It really takes me time to pick interest in people. My bad again, I’m improving.

This young man kept calling day after day. Some I would give ear, some I’d perfectly ignore. Yet, I’d not seen reason to ask for his name so I can save his contact at least, not until he sent a message on WhatsApp.

That was a good opportunity to ask some basic questions. I’ve always been a keypad warrior.
Finally, I got his contact saved.
Let’s say his name is “Jay”.

To be continued….. My First Abuja Friend As a Corper Part Two
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