Natural Home Remedy to cure quick ejaculation-Ice water weakens the blood vessel and also help to damage the sex drive of every man (libido) and even seize the passage of blood through the penis and also the scrotum

I always advice men…stop taking cold water…is not good for men atollllllll…hear me and hear me

Another secret and danger of Cold water….Base on maintaining your erection 

It CAN ALSO Reduce the size of penis….

That is what we call FLACCID PENIS

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The more u keep taking water….the more the penis will begin to shrink gradually
fact cold water can also lead to ANOTHER diseases called SPERM DAMAGES BECAUSE the content in Ice water is capable of damaging the production of semen ..thereby leading to Low sperm Count, quick ejaculation

Have u ever been in the shoe were by u are fun with your friend….

Boom…..u just release

So the only thing u should learn to do is to avoid ICE WATER

No 2 thing that can also affect your sexual life is SUGAR

INFACT sugar is a deadly food not only for the organs…but also for the entire body organs How to Loose Weight and Big Tummy Remedy

Sugar can jeopardize the production of semen Kill the erection and lead u to quick release Learn to use PURE HONEY
If you want to drink garri please use honey. Stop eating sugar

Causes of poor erection in men 

NO 3… Lack of exercise

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No 4 Alcohol

If u don’t burn out calories and cholesterol….

How will u be fit to the job
Many obsessed men have tiny penis like this

Simple truth

So wen u do excercise It increase the rate of blood flow, Round the whole body including the heart…penis and brain When you exercise, you become fit
you can choose to jogg, run or even do press up




Another THING u should avoid OR REDUCE…to maintain your erection 

After some research with my co health care consultant last year…we discovered that THE worst Alcohol is STAR …IT KILLS the penis instantly without wasting time
Star bear reduces the sperm
It makes u weak during sex
It makes u also have watery sperm
So ….know wat u eat
In fact let me send u an image of how your meal affect your brain
Now let’s go to the main deal

Natural home Remedy to cure quick ejaculation

After chewing your bitter. Cola…..chew the ginger after 2minutes…..this should be done 30min before sex

After chewing it….rinse your mouth with warm water mix with small salt
Now this one alone will make u last up to 50min

No 2 secret is

Take a cup of hot lemon water ……for two weeks morning and night…this one will stop quick ejaculation instantly as well