Natural remedy to cure and reduce Hypertension-   Now Hypertension is the process by which the blood forces to pass through the arteries is very high

When the arteries find it difficult to carry blood down to all part of the body…there is a serious case

Hypertension Symptoms ..can even lead to many serious health conditions

Cardiac arrest
Heart diseases
Weak erection
Heart palpitation
Chest pain
Blurred vision

And lots more

Now … is observe that 65% of individual are living with hypertension

And u may not know…a lot of people don’t have single symptoms

But apart from genetic ..

Do we know most food we eat also constitute to this problem if hypertension 

Now ……….

One thing about hypertension is

It leads to STROKE immediately

A normal age of Bp most especially for youth from

18-39 should be 120/80 or 85
Many patient suffering from STROKE re all hypertensive

The brain has no more blood to carry its functions


Wen hypertension is not manage well….even it can lead to kidney issues

But thank God there is a cure
Now as we can say…

To those of u that like eating much salt….remember u are only dangering your health

Food to avoid Or REDUCE completely to  avoid  Hypertension

Red meat
Eat less of Red oil
White rice
White garri
White bread

Now most of the snacks are this I will be sending to u guys

Reduce the intake of this food because they are already saturated in fat (cholesterol

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Image here


In addition,when u HV this severe headache like pounding in nature…pls endeavor to HV ur BP checked…atimes it’s a sign of rise in blood pressure..


Another dangerous food for the heart that will lead you to hypertension is


Once u consume all this food…..

U begin to pump cholesterol in your body…once this cholesterol level is high….

That is wen begin to have a great risk of having STROKE

it block the heart

Some weak Erection are caused by Hypertension

I will tell u what are the causes of BP TODAY

Hypertension has cure or remedy if I may put it that way. But u see the younger brother called #hypotension# it more deadly than the HY…lets be guided….hypo if not detected on time knocks one off to 6fit..but HY can be managed wrst wrst na stroke

So anyone on BP drugs shud always stop n check in between to

know wen d drugs are actually bringing it too low

No 1 to much salt
No 2 lack of excerise
No 3 much intake of meat
No 4 smoking
No 5 genetic
No 6 stress
No 7 much Alcohol
No 8 obesity
No 9. Eating fatty food
No 10.. Thinking

If u don’t manage your health today….u will spend to treat
In fact…..pls reduce your meat consumption
Another food u must reduce is…..sharwarma

Another killer food  for Hypertension is  SUYA MEAT 

ALL THIS food are not good for the heart
Protect the heart
Reduce your intake of Red oil

And local groundnut oil

in fact the best GROUNDNUT OIL U NEED IS


Image here

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Using pure local groundnut oil is disastrous

It can kill your heart in just a Second

Another food we should reduce is

White bread

Or eat with VEGETABLES

vegetables will help to kill carbohydrates content seen in these food

Fish is good…but wen fry…is more dangerous

Your fish must be cooked only

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acid that regulate blood function round the heart

Now to those that already have this issues of Hypertension…..

There are many natural remedies u will do. It will stop

Now ….

How does hypertension affect The  private part

Why many men don’t perform is also cause by Hypertension

Once the blood is not passing through…..the Brian box is weak….

The penis also need blood for proper erection…

So in a case like this

As far the blood is no longer circulating…the private part  will find it hard to get erection

No 5. Garden egg leaves

And its fruits

If u are eating most of this food…u will have a healthy heart

Another food u need very well

Now…another question is

Natural remedy to cure reduce Hypertension

What and what will I use for Hypertension to reduce

Garlic powder
Ginger powder
Warm water

Get a cup of warm water ….

Add just a spoon of garlic powder

A spoon of ginger powder

Add two spoon of honey in the mix ginger and garlic….now drink it only once daily for 10 days

Written by : Timothy Chimene

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