A Cigarette smoker without money lives with faith believing that his friends will buy for him a stick of cigarette and for sure even without begging, his friends will say guy take one stick. That’s Love. not a crime

A young man who loves beer without money can leave his house to a beer parlour with faith that his friends will get for him a bottle of beer Which his friends will Surely get him a bottle. That’s love.

But can a hungry/jobless person leave his house to a religious organisation with faith that someone will give him money to come and eat???

Where is the love that we preach everyday?

Have you bothered to ask a member of your church/Mosque..religious organisations how life is treating them? Many People today go through a lot and only few will voice out. Because even you voiced put people pay deef ear to their problems, we can surely live in love and care when we integrate passion and establish temporary support to individuals.

Imagine some will sow 1million naira seed in a religious gathering but beg him for 1k out side he will say no money.

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This is why it’s easy for the demon to confuse young minds to join bad gang because they even show love more than most people that preach love.
We the religious people really have to step up and start practising this love that we preach,

Our religious homes most seat-up to checkmates it’s members predicaments to life
Some individuals don’t have have a square meal a day while others feed the vultures with supposed food for the living.


Some only attributes faith and belief in a religious ground aside that they turn beast.

Most cases of depression which results to acute , mania and depressive stupor is as a result of hunger, disease and poverty emanating from negligence and denial of job opportunities after graduation,

In some countries especially in Africa young graduates dowel on crime and criminality for the lack of job and upkeep while the government keep making frivolous laws without direction and implementation.

When love exist among individuals, when religious leaders preach and practice what they preach when the government decide to make lives easy by implementing budgets and educational objectives crime and criminality will go and never return.