Ospac team – For over a year now the nobble incident and killing on the East – West road In Rivers state is taken an active dimension because measures employ by the the native unpaid workers and security outfit referred to as OSPAC.

The OSPAC spokes person Name withheld reports through phone that their operation was triple-crown because the gang of over twenty five member in over 6 camp on the axis meet their Waterloo as they were captured to face the law.

He same throughout their operation the gang have engaged them in an exceedingly gun battle with a well equipped firearms like domestically and foreign created rifles Ak47 , short gun AKA Oka-made ,machetes, , magazines and charm were recovered from the boys.

17 victims 6 feminine and 11 male in their captivity were released unhurt during the OSPAC intervention and over nine of the gang members were conjointly captured by the protection outfit OSPAC.

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These kidnappers and murderers that’s responsible for all the happenings along Emohua axis of the East West Road were inactive yesterday by a team of OSPAC, the neighborhood unpaid workers operating in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA.

The suspected daredevils were inactive whereas attempting to nobble a rider bus while not knowing that that they had entered into a entice set by the OSPAC team who had disguised as passengers.

OSPAC extends its operations to the Emohua LGA. Ndele, Agbandele, Umuewhor, Rumuji, East/West Road, etc, where they witnessed these operations.

The operation that’s supposed to achieve the nooks and crannies of those areas, can get to another communities of the LGA, especially, wherever cult activities ar on the high Side. OSPAC ~

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The OSPAC team, once a number of those unhealthy boys took to their heels into a forest. a person who sells bullets to the unhealthy boys and and another person who prepares charms to them were captured for further information by OSPAC.

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The regime ought to quickly address the police and also the military to hitch force with the Ospac team to arrest matters speedily.

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