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report as it that Some country in Africa top the list of cannabis users in the world, especially Nigeria with over 20 million Nigerians using cannabis.

Over 80 percent of Nigerian youths spends 5 working hours smoking with peers daily and getting life stunted with denial of reality as the case may be.

Eriga (2006). Marijuana is not physically addictive but lots of it’s users are psychologically dependent on it, which in turn causes physical problems.


What else is left with us if over 80 percent of our youths are psychologically dependent on cannabis.

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Would we say it is because government did not provide jobs.

No, it is because parents have failed in their primary responsibility as parents which is, to raise children that would bring our society in the news for what other nations can emulate.

Together let’s help parents and teachers get more involved in parenting.

Parent and child
Parenting styles

Despite the responsibility of parents to offer guidance to their child, it’s also encouraging and inspiring if collectively all the stakeholders come together to address this menace to help the lives of our young generation for a better relationship and increase in productivity in our society and beyond.

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