Perfect Remedy For Toilet Infections Tested And Trusted  This home Remedy content staphylococcus, yeast infection, quick ejaculation, low sperm count toilet infection bitter kola perfect remedy for toilet infections

bitter kolaProcedure on how to use this remedy

One bottle of Teem bitter lemon,
Two (2) bitter kola
Peel the bitter kola
Put inside the teem drink and leave to soak for three days
Drink it all on the third day preferably in the morning.
This is a perfect remedy for toilet infections
If symptom is still there, repeat the same process until the infection is gone

the simple truth about this. Is that most people have failed to look after  their self when it comes to health.  Infection can prevent you many things. decided to share our experience with you because your good health is our concern.  Please help your self and follow all instructions. This remedies are tested and trusted.  Remember  our body system is different.

how to use combo to treat toilet infection using garlic, ginger powder, ginger, turmeric, Clove, honey, bitter kola, tiger nut, date etc to cure your infection. #perfect remedy for toilet infections

To remove Wart in your genital you need to make turmeric paste

Get tumeric and peel it

Now pound it in a motar very well….it will become a paste….

Now use it and apply on the wart ..

Only at night

The ginger goes for those with sexual weakness.


Just get plenty ginger

Slice it into pieces and soak it in a 5 litre of water….

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Leave it there for 3 days

Now after that
.take a cup of it and add a spoon of honey day and night

Go and do these…u will bang her tire because u will be strong

use this powerful process……

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For those Suffering with yeast infection 

Use this solution, remember body system is different

20 pieces Ginger

30 pieces Garlic

2 full lynon of Cloves

50 Lime

Aidan is also called Aridan in yoroba…while igbo call it oshosho or osakirisa….or YOKRIYO
Buy just two

2 full lynon of Uda also know as negro pepper

After getting all these….boil them in a full pot of water. .always drink morning and night a full cup..for 14 days

Always process and direction.

I got 3 testimony from this remedy. Good luck

perfect remedy for toilet infections

This Increase Men libido

The process is

I spoon of garlic powder
I spoon of ginger powder
And 1 spoon of honey

Mix all together and take it like that

Is good for reduction of pot belly
Is good for increase in libido…sexual stamina

To increase the libido of a woman use this 


Dabino know as date
Tiger nut

 Blend all together

And extra the juice……..add 5 spoon of honey

Take just 4 spoon morning and night

For those suffering Quick ejaculation use this

Chew one bitter cola and ginger for one month every morning

Then get 3 spoon of lemon juice and add in a cup of hot water and drink morning and night for 3 weeks and say bye bye to Quick release

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For those that want to increase their organ

Get Olive oil mix with Shea butter

Mix it well and massage your penis for LIKE 15 min..for one moths

Ur big will be big

Please note that when doing this

Be careful, dint give room for the devil to make u masturbate

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Treatment For  Vagina itching and Wart for Applying

Get garlic oil and mix with one spoon of vitamin E oil and apply one the affected area , wait for 10 min and rinse it
With water, do it twice daily and see the magic

And also get garlic supplement and start taking immediately along sides wen doing the washing process

For hepatitis B

An unripe pawpaw
Unripe paw paw roots
Unripe paw paw leaves

Fresh leaves of moringa

Moringa roots

3 lemon cut into two each

Coconut roots


Put everything in the pot, the leaves should be in the last position, add water and boil everything for at least for 20 mins

Then drink a glass morning afternoon and night……
Always add small water and warm before drink..

Good luck



It can be caused by so many things example
Medications like excess intake of Antibiotics..

Decrease in oestrogen level…it’s a female hormone in d body.

Infection of the body..

Temporary treatment for 2 weeks is

(1) aloe vera juice take half cup morning and night for 2 weeks…

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(2) vitamin E capsule…take it daily for 2 weeks as well but it must be 1 hour after taken the aloe Vera juice…

But if after 2 weeks your ain’t satisfied with d symptoms then go and do this tests..
(a) pelvic examination Scan
(b). Pap smear test…they both will detect if there’s any infection or cancer

we are here to help you get cure on perfect remedy for toilet infections  Drop your comment let know the issue you are facing.

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