Undergraduate and postgraduate studies in UK this September-Join the next batch of students who’ll commence undergraduate and postgraduate studies in UK this September.

Studying in UK will undoubtedly benefit you personally and professionally. Here are some reasons why you should choose UK:

1. Two years Post Study Work Permit:

When you study in UK, you automatically get 2 years post study work permit to stay back and get a job. This allows you build your career, internationally.

After the two years, if you secure a job, you can proceed to applying for a residence permit.

How does that sound? Exciting!

2. Quality Education:

UK is a world power when it comes to education. With most of her universities highly ranked, the UK provides quality education that meets world standard, and prepares students ready for global career opportunities.

Also, UK universities are regularly inspected by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. This Agency ensures that all universities maintain quality standard of education.

What do you benefit from these? Quality learning. You have access to standard facilities and learning. First class product is what you become.

3. Variety of courses:

Whatever your course choice, you’re definitely going to get an option in UK. With over 1000 courses available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, your options are wide.

Medicine, Business, Fashion, Engineering, Accounting, Economic, Social Work, Bioscience, Statistics, Management, Aviation, Hospitality, Mathematics, you name it. Courses tailored to meet your career goals. All available for you.

4. Work while Studying:

International students are allowed to work while studying. During academic session, students are allowed to work for 20 hours, while working hours are unlimited during the holidays.

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Students love to work while studying. UK knows you love that too. You too can get that by studying in UK.

Studying while working helps you earn, and build international experience.

We could go on and on to give you fascinating reasons why you should study in UK- friendly environment for international students, no language barrier, multicultural society, on and on. But, none of these can be compared to your unique experience.

A story told is different from a story experience. It’s your turn to experience UK.

Applications are ongoing for September 2020/2021 intake. Contact us now to start yours.

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