University drawback- Today a great deal of kids feels only when you attended university that your revered in the society.

This idea is wrong, the university could be a place of upper learning in an exceedingly formal setting, although this will solely be wrong if the society sees the requirement to tackle her ideology and importance placed on University Education.  Career confession significant period of a person’s life

The moment a country begin to diversify her methodology and kinds of education such a Nation can possibly succeed to the amount of countries.

In Africa these days particularly Nigeria the stress set on University education is overwhelming creating the streets jam packed with graduates fired.

Therefore causing the young and the old to not settle for reality in pursing vocation as career so as to secure the long run.

failure to tackle this errors provides us additional attention to all sorts of crimes as we see today.

people sees negative moneymaking as a method to beat loneliness, that is all accountable for the social issues and economic condition.


Any nation where foreign investors are no longer interest to do business can’t grow value annually, this is often a heavy issue that the government has to inspect by reducing the stress on University degree.

Before these days there have been means livelihood that nation however currently each attention is on certification from the colleges.

This ideology has caused a lot of hurt than sensible in a continent Economy.

University degree wasn’t the most important criteria to gaining a helpful employment or being acknowledge within the society however currently it’s imperative to accumulate degree rather than helpful line of work skills such as:

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1. Farming

2. carpentry

3. Tailoring

4. Baking

5. Shoe creating

6. Hair braid

7. Bead creating

8. mercantile establishment creating

9. Sporting

10. Fabrication etc

Because of the worth connected to the University degree most of these vehicles in economic process has died off as a result of low or no attention as no individual wants to participate and anybody attempting to be told these skills, being rejected and seen as a stone aged person living in modern society. shout cut to Academic success ! individual achievement 

therefore because lot of attention is given to school degree the more the worth drops drastically by day. ( public toilet its never respected )

Wrong doings 

While people tries to be accepted and appreciated in the society the sole factor they consider is to travel into schooling with low outlook do something they require to do just to come with result and not minding however they got it and also the Nation isn’t interested as a result of they has nothing to supply to anyone.

This outlook has helped to downturn country the economy with the unproductive low capability graduates being produced yearly while not a operating chance when graduation.

Because of the stress on University each Nigeria kid struggles to high school solely to get the university degree to satisfy the environmental want

Doing this had created the academic system depreciate by day the system drop thus low everyday touching the economy, as a result of low interest on the holding, however just for the attainment of certification to suit the social desires.

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Yet Nigeria and Africa fails to grasp that growing a nation isn’t simply by attending the University however conjointly activate  some levels of vocations to assist boost the hands capability in our existing industries where all businessperson minded people will be encourage, support and motivated to continue their innovative skills so as to grow revenue.

Today in Nigeria, and African nations the most important entrance criteria into the Nigeria Universities popularly knows as Joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) whose bench mark over decades is a hundred and eighty 180 minimum currently drop to a hundred and sixty 160 for Universities.

For country boost of developing only one variety of Education is given attentions.

The answer is NO not everybody has the flexibility for formal education as a result of its exhaustive setting.

Vocation and craftsmanship

individuals are often seen as simple, it’s expected that individuals be tried in different kinds of learning facilitate to assist human capability development to create self reliance among her group which is able to help to grow a nation economy.

To achieve this a nation needs to develop a operating course of study and implementation.

Government responsibility

• A nation should inspect reducing the eye given to solely universities degree to focus conjointly on vocational training.

  • To be comprehensive not minding your soundness however viewing the psychological feature level of an individual

• To specialise in different domain of learning like emotive and bodily function domain and not solely psychological feature domain.

• A nation should attempt to teach her voters cause and results

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• Civic education ought to be taken seriously to reinforce commitment in their operation , Manpower and capability

developing the younger generations should be carved into the government policies.

• Local artisans should be inspired and support Private sectors should be up and doing, the academics forms such as formal and informal and non formal should be mentioned on a way to improve the areas with a realistic set goal.

Written by : Joshua Gentle

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