What u need to know about STDs and STI’s- Are sexually transmitted diseases and infection Wich is usually pass from one person to another via sexual contact….How to cure womb infection in women

Most are fairly common nd effective treatment is available, especially at early stages…

Some STI’s are benign (meaning they are not harmful or cancerous)..but some can lead to serious complications is no treatment is taken on time

List of STDs and STI’s

Crabs or pubic lice
Genital herpes
Hepatitis B
Human papilloma virus

HIV can b transmitted through unprotected sex with a carrier..sharing of sharp objects already used by an infected person. So we should b careful to always check-up our status from time to time alongside our partners

Chlamydia this is an infection Which results from a fungi called chlamydia achromatic t’s a common infection and can b transmitted via oral sex,anal sex,and vaginal sex.. A pregnant woman can pass it on to d baby via delivery.
It doesn’t show symptoms on time but can lead to infertility How to Loose Weight and Big Tummy Remedy

Crabs or pubic lice STDs  and STI’s

They are lice that usually attache to d pubic hair. A times however,they can affect d hairs under d armpit,beards,eye lashes and brows… They are small and difficult to see, but one may notice itching on d affected area
Prevention is by proper hygiene and making sure u don’t leave your hairs,beards or armpit bushy

Genital herpes(Herpes simplex virus) STDs and STI’s

It’s a common virus that affects d skin cervix and genitals…
Transmission is by Saliva or if there’s herpes related sores round d mouth, unlike HIV herpes cant b transmitted from utensils or toilet seats,soaps or bleeding

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However, if a person touches a part were the virus is present and use same hand to touch another part, it will start spreading to the area…

Signs and  symptoms

Blisters on d mouth,anus, genital area, fever,aches..anyone with d herpes is at risk of having HIV because of the suppressed immunity.

Hepatitis B

This is the infection of liver, if not treated on time can lead to liver cirrhosis and damage…
Mode of transmission
Sex Use of un-sterilised equipment
Mother to baby transmission. People  with this should  opt for the hepatitis B vaccine for their immune protection


This infection affects both sexes…but females tends to develop symptoms more than males
Trichomoniasis in females affects d vagina while in makes affects d urethra. COVID-19 AND THE PLACE OF SELF MEDICATION IN NIGERIA
Transmission by sex
S/S are
Unusual discharge
Painful urination
Painful ejaculation
Painful sex

Human papilloma virus

These are group of viruses that affects d skin and mucus membrane. example throat ,cervix ,anus and mouth.
People at risk are sexually active people
HPV can lead to genital warts, cancer of d throat and cervix


It’s a mite it’s one of d skin disease and is highly contagious…
Transmission….skin to skin contact
Sharing of towels and beddings
Treatment tropical creams kills d mite
Decontamination of items,cloths and beddings used during d treatment..


It’s a serious infection and early detection and treatment helps to prevent complicated damage.
S/S sores at d site of d infection mainly genital area’s..anus,mouth and rectum.
Treatment is by use of strong antibiotics we can also provide you a strong Natural remedy to cure it..

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It’s a common infection caused by a bacteria..neiserria gonorrhea…and it’s highly contagious,if not detected early enough can cause life threatening complications..
Oral, vaginal,or anal sex, Mother to baby transmission via birth.

Urethra discharge
Painful urination
Swelling of d genitals
Bleeding between periods In females, gonorrhea can lead to PID, it can lead to the inflammation of the epidermis which is the tube that stores sperm both conditions can lead to infertility.
Treatment is by broad spectrum antibiotics including injections

Many STI will not cause symptoms, so a person should not wait until symptoms appears before seeing a doctor. instead people should seek medical advice if they feel they have had an exposure with an infected person.
Laboratory test can be carried out to detect if d infection is present or not
treatment for any bacteria infection is with strong antibiotics..

However, some STI’s example gonorrhoea appears to be developing a resistant to antibiotics that doctors commonly treat with. it’s important to complete any type of antibiotics treatment even if the signs disappears, because stopping treatment early May allow the bacteria to grow again, making the symptoms to return back and dis time around infection can be more difficult to treat.


They have vaccines for HPV and Hepatitis A and B both for adult and children

Genital rashes can make someone to be worried especially if the reason of appearing isn’t understood..
Genital rash refers to spread of bumps, lesions, or patches of skin on d genitals..

S/S sores, leison, blisters, surrounding the genitals areas.
Itching or burning sensation
Genital discharge
Pelvic pain
Painful sex
Treatment  please see a dermatologist (skin doctors) for proper diagnosis and follow up..
Prevention of genital rash
Practice safe sex
Eat balance diet
Exercise, which kips the immune system strong.