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Violence against Women are often seen as a reckless act on ladies inform of intolerance which women today are vulnerable to such a malicious behavior by men.

Nowadays men don’t tolerate woman’s feelings due to the interior stereotype that existed right from unset, even within the home of same parent to some culture men posses a whole lot of power creating them to downgrade the ladies regardless of age.

In some components of the planet ladies area unit selected to doing house activities alone while not the assistance of male counterpart within the house.

This errors keep increasing from generation to generation creating ladies haven’t any say within the society wherever they belong.

Parents, children and the society

Gender and sex outlined roles and responsibilities throughout the dark age when explosions of recent ideas some began to apply equality whereas some still stay dominant of their recent manner of describing ladies in their society.

Women aren’t common, incompetence and uneducated ladies posses same temperament fixtures as their male counterpart.

Relationship between man and women should be mindful.
Love is not a war

The violence practices against ladies these days had cause some ladies setting for fewer some already relegated to accommodate wives not taking responsibility aside room activities.

This fight of domination appears to not tend correct attention in several components of the planet these days.

Women are strength to every developing society

but to some society women responsibility is proscribed to solely feeding the babies, cleaning the house and so on.

Results has typically shown that girls is that the monetary powerhouse of a nation once properly utilized the nation can certainly get to apex.

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This subjection has been derived to be one major supply of violence it’s traditional for couples to have interaction in an argument then settle once the 2 parties attempt to tolerate one another individual variations aside pride and superior man mentality.

Any home wherever the man understands his not special can possible achieve success.

We will contemplate some violence as we witness these days around North American nation.

Types of Domestic Violence:
This needs to do with various forms of abuse that’s been done to ladies.

1. Sexual Abus
This is a situation where husband or man uses action or force to possess sex together with his woman or women folks, any sexual act carried out against ladies without agreement is totally abuse and may be much self-addressed as Rap as a result of once harassment is involve that’s a rape.

this act most time results to injury and illness that is why a serious attention is required to assist ladies overcome this drawback.

2. Economic abuse
It’s a situation where the man deprive the ladies from participating in any earnings earnings or denial of basic desires.
Others includes defrauding, manipulation and exploitation.

3. non secular abuse a situation where man stop lady from practicing her belief and practices.

4. Digital abuse a situation where the person invades lady privacy like checking of radiophone, cyber bullying, demanding of nude footage.

5. Physical Abuse a situation where the person push , kick , slap and punch the lady counterparts because of their weak areas.

There’re such a large amount of factors that results in violence and abuse:


1 Drugs
2 Depression
3 emotional instability
4 individual characteristics
5 unemployment
6 family upbringing
7 lost of pet ones
8 Anger
9 surroundings. Etc

Abuse and violence has caused several damages in this present dispensation which is able to grow from patents to offspring if a precautionary measure and intervention isn’t applied.

Some of the consequences of violence and abuse includes
Low self-worth. This psychological drawback results in many ladies indulgence on ancient feminism that possible to hamper their perception towards men and once this still grow it pass on from mother to kid which will result to danger within the nearest future, once children expertise father’s abuse to their mother such kids grow to expertise psychological problems like worry , insomnia, self- harmful behavior, anxiety, poor health and poor impulse management. Etc

Counseling solutions to violence and abuse
Eclectic theory of Psychotherapy and Psycho-Education direction is highly recommended.

Read additional on our next work where we’ll discuss details of the procedures in handling this social disaster

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